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The world is under darkness and living amid fears of Coronavirus that has infected more than 3 crore people worldwide, and killing over 9 lacs people across the globe. Coronavirus spread has pushed the button of panic among companies leading to the highest level of escalation. Many leading companies around the globe have directed their employees to work from home to stop the spread of Coronavirus. But still, there are many manufacturing companies, laboratories, healthcare, transportation companies that can not allow their employees to opt for work from home.

Being safe and make your employees safe in this scenario is bit critical. To do so, first you need to understand, how does Coronavirus spread in the organizations? Experts say the most common method of transmission of the virus seems to be through infected surfaces. Therefore, it is desirable to avoid touching surfaces, which might be infected due to the human touch workplace.

Many times your colleagues will sneeze and then touch the fingerprint scanner or you would find oil on the biometric finger scanner. Now, Coronavirus has caused panic among employees and employers forcing most corporations to suspend fingerprint attendance.

To avoid common touch points in the organizations, employers are using Contactless Face Recognition technology to mark attendance. This is a good option as a Touchless Time-Attendance Solution for the future as well if the organization wants to go for biometric Attendance Marking. Many organizations provide face recognition with different deployment modes for different applications. That provides flexibility to the solution.

But of course, you would like to know, how does the Future of Time-Attendance and/or Access Control System look like? You need to upgrade your lifestyle in order to get rid of those infections on the fingerprint scanner. Imagine your mobile becomes your identity and now you tap or shake your smartphone to mark the attendance or control the access to office premise. Some organizations supply this touchless solution/mobile applications these days as well.

When you go for Contactless Time-attendance Solution, you can check the connectivity options as well. Modern devices come with new-age connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc. Apart from this, you can also consider multiple credentials options for double security. There are many more points that can be considered like higher capacity, secured communication, etc. We are ready to help you with all these points which need to be considered during your purchase or upgradation of the Time-Attendance System.

This system not only helps you stay more organized while increasing your attendance management efficiency, but it also helps keep your employees safer during a global pandemic. Moreover, you should also opt for Made in India products that are reliable and consistent.

Matrix is offering the chance to see how this system works for yourself, and the best part? Customer support executives from Matrix are always there to guide you with any queries.

Contact us and share your requirements and views regarding the same. We are excited to meet you soon.

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