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Many organizations have certain areas or places in their premises where they want control over access of employees. Areas such as the R&D centre, QC department, etc. may fall into the category of places where organizations require access control. Moreover, organizations want an access control solution that not only provides security but is cost effective as well. To address this issue, Matrix has come up with an innovative feature – the QR Code that can be used through the COSEC APTA application once it is installed in the users’ mobile devices.

Before looking at how QR Code feature helps, let us first understand how QR Code works. COSEC ARC is installed within the premises at the side of every door with a door-lock connected to the ARC. A QR Code is placed at the front side of each door. When an employee wishes to enter the restricted zone, he or she will be required to scan the QR Code through the COSEC APTA installed on his/her mobile device. As the QR Code is scanned data is sent to the COSEC server and user is verified for whether he or she is allowed access in the respective zone or not. Once the user is verified, the door opens and he or she is allowed entrance.

Benefits of QR Code

Now that we know how exactly QR Code works, let us go through the benefits that organizations can reap by using the QR Code feature.

β€’ Enhanced Security for Access Control
β€’ Eliminates Reader Cost
β€’ No Wiring Required for Reader Installation
β€’ Restricts Unauthorized Access

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