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Healthcare sectors are the busiest sector, these days – for all the obvious reasons. With a large number of people walking in and out on a daily basis, the risk factors are extremely high. The hospitals and their counterparts need much more than just security. They emphasize on providing satisfactory services by ensuring utmost hygiene and security. With the rapid surge in the number of cases, this task is the most challenging one. Moreover, ensuring that all the safety measures are diligently followed, is a matter of concern. 

On the other hand, scientists are keen on finding a cure to combat the novel virus. With the situation worsening with each passing day, the pressure to find a cure has surged more like a competition. Which, in turn, bring-in a threat to the assets or worse, a scope for data theft. In order to survive this cat-race, the healthcare sectors are forced to act immediately, by introducing effective security solutions.

Ensure Real-time Safety and Security 

Access Control Solutions are inevitable to keep track of people entering or going out of the premises. Compiled with a video surveillance solution, it serves as a foolproof security system – a system that provides options like Crowd Management options. 

Besides this, with the conditions still worsening, it is important to monitor patients. An advanced option that helps patients to be monitored and also restricts from moving out of their wards is necessary.

With foolproof Access Control Solutions it is possible to deter intruders. These characteristics ensure perimeter security of the hospital by detecting intruders crossing boundaries and breaking into the hospital premises.  A comprehensive 3-dimensional access control policies are inevitable in such a case, taking care of all combinations of users, location and time. 

Instant Notifications upon Exceptions

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Hence, it is of utmost importance to build a vigilant environment, enough to repel intruders. That said, it is equally important to keep a close eye on the security, proactively.  With a proper security solution, there are definitive checkpoints that give out instant notifications and alarms in case of exceptions. With intelligent analytics essaying a crucial role, the healthcare sectors can worry less about security.

Enhance Your Reachability

With the prevailing condition, keeping a constant check on a patient’s condition with a bunch of nurses and hospital staff sounds gnarly. On such occasions, the latest solutions break the ice by deploying a mobile application for remote access and monitoring. This application enables doctors to monitor patients from their mobile or tablet, anywhere and anytime. 

All such places should manage to provide a proactive environment –  take extra care and treat the patient well. A solution that aims to offer proactive measures and completely eradicate security threats is a must.

Furthermore, it is equally important to limit access to specific areas. With the flow of visitors increasing by a manifold, it is equally important to restrict and block predators with effective access control solutions. An absolute Access Control solution will help an organization to safeguard the premises with umpteen number of features. 

It is an undeniable fact that effective video surveillance solution for healthcare provides instant alerts on suspicious activities and reconciles any sort of a threat. On the other hand, integration of access control solution with the surveillance solutions can build a highly secure environment. One would empower the other module to detect potential threats, proactively. 


Owing to the fact that, hospitals are under constant pressure to foster their patients, visitors and staff without any disruption or inconvenience in the regular cycle of work. It is always a challenge for small clinics or multi-campus hospitals to provide a safe, secure environment for patients and staff along with offering round the clock service within a constrained budget. 

Futuristic solutions tend to fully integrate and automate security processes. Notifying proactively or throwing cautions in case of exceptions, activating panels and emergency services in case of an accident – it comes as a complete package that requires no or minimal user involvement.

Integration with different devices and systems provides overall security to the organization. These include integration with video surveillance, access control, IP-PBX, fire alarm panels and more!

Matrix offers solutions that are intelligently designed to meet the critical requirements of the healthcare sector. Matrix offers security solutions for hospitals, clinics and home care. It supports the Healthcare industry to meet their needs of access control by offering enterprise-grade contactless biometric solutions to maintain hygiene within the organization. Matrix biometric Time-Attendance and Access Control devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance and have been appreciated worldwide through multiple accolades.

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