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Solution Overview

Access Control is the most widely used solution across corporates to restrict unauthorized access for outsiders. However, despite having installed high-end access control systems, it is often encountered that there is a security breach.

Therefore, an integrated security system is required. For example, there are instances where an authorized person punches for access, and an unauthorized person walks alongside him to enter the premises without proving his identity. In yet another scenario, people often forget to shut the doors after them, leaving the entire building vulnerable to outsiders. In the absence of a system to provide visual evidence, it is impossible to identify the culprit even after the breach.

Matrix Video Surveillance, with its Access Control integration at the database level, ensures foolproof security of your organization, preventing unauthorized access.

Matrix’s Solution

Prevent Tailgating

Prevent Tailgaiting

Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person follows an authorized individual into a secure area without proper verification. Large group entries make individual identification difficult, allowing unauthorized individuals to slip in undetected. Matrix Video Surveillance integrated with Matrix Access Control prevents tailgating by providing visual evidence and identifying unauthorized individuals for appropriate action.

Snapshots and video clips captured by Matrix IP Cameras are securely stored on NAS and FTP via Matrix Network Video Recorders or Matrix SATATYA SAMAS. These platforms serve as a centralized repository, allowing authorized personnel to review visual evidence of unauthorized entries and track them effectively. Moreover, they also give notifications via video pop-ups, SMS, E-mail, etc. to instantly alert the security personnel.

Prevent Tailgaiting

Control Both Systems through a Single Software

Unified Software for Video Surveillance and Access Control

For highly sensitive areas, access is granted only after verifying visual evidence. Integrating Matrix Access Control System with Matrix Video Surveillance System at the database-level streamlines this process. It synchronizes user profiles, access permissions, and visual evidence, creating a unified approach to entry management.

The integration utilizes a centralized database, accessible to both systems, for storing and managing user data and access permissions. Real-time cross-referencing of visual evidence with the authorized personnel database enables doors to unlock only upon authorization.

Additionally, the system generates reports of all denied access attempts, providing detailed information such as the date, time, and visual identity of the person attempting to enter. This data serves as valuable evidence for further investigation if necessary.

Unified Software for Video Surveillance and Access Control

Accurate Tracking During Emergency

Accurate Tracking During Emergency

In situations where multiple people enter the premises, even if authorized, thorough investigations may become necessary during incidents. Matrix’s integrated Access Control and Video Surveillance system provides a solution to this issue. The Access Control system logs events in the database, while the Video Surveillance system records the entry visually, creating a comprehensive record of the events. This integration enables accurate tracking and verification of individuals who entered the premises, including those who may not have personally authenticated.

This integration is highly beneficial during emergencies, such as fires, where the accurate count of people inside the premises is crucial for ensuring safety. The visual details captured by the surveillance system provide real-time monitoring and recording of people present in different areas, enabling safe evacuation.

Accurate Tracking During Emergency
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