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Time-attendance management is important and crucial for every organization irrespective of its size. Having an automated time-attendance solution not only steps up attendance discipline but also reduces friction between the management and employees that is likely to arise. However, before going for a time-attendance solution, it is important that you know whether it is the right one for your organization or not.

The first step that you need to take is to make a list of your requirements before approaching a vendor. This will not only help you select the right vendor for the required time-attendance solution but will also help the vendor to understand your needs perfectly. You need to be sure in terms of requirements such as:

The number of doors used for entry and exit
Number of business entities
Working hours
Shift timings (if applicable)
Weekly offs
Different attendance and leave policies
Types of reports required
Payroll integration

If you are sure on these aspects, it will help you select the right time-attendance solution for your organization.

The second step comes with evaluating and deciding which solution is right for your organization. While comparing various vendors in the market, you should be able to evaluate which of the solutions available in option best suits your requirements. Some of the things that you need to ensure are as follows:

Whether it allows easy data management
Is it easy to configure and monitor
Comes with support and software upgrades
Hardware reliability
Solution versatility

Your next and final step comes with matching your requirements and evaluation of various vendors in the market and coming to a conclusion with respect to the right time-attendance solution for your organization. Implementing automated time-attendance solution will be a definite benefit to your organization with respect to overall growth and productivity.

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