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As they say, people are the most valuable asset for any organization and their time is a valuable resource. Managing employee’s timings and attendance is important and a critical challenge for organizations. It is especially so when organizations have branches spread across multiple locations, bringing in diversified time-attendance laws and policies to be followed. Timings would also be different with respect to every location. In this case, enterprise grade Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance solution can serve as the perfect solution for organizations.

Time-Attendance solution surely makes the work of organizations easier as far as managing time and attendance details of employees, is concerned. Let us discuss the high-end features that make Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance solution a perfect answer to time and attendance issues of organizations.

Features of COSEC Time-Attendance Solution

The features of Time-Attendance solution can be listed as follows:

Comprehensive and flexible attendance policies
Ease at meeting disparate needs of shifts & schedules in organization
Customized reports generation
Easy integration with 3rd party payroll
Easy attendance correction
Real-time SMS and email notifications
Leave management

Now let us discuss each of these features in detail.

Comprehensive & Flexible Attendance Policies
Every organization has different attendance policies in execution. Even in the same organisation, different departments, branches or even users have different attendance policies. Using Matrix COSEC time-attendance, organisations can create multiple attendance, late-in, COFF, Early-out, overtime policies and assign it to even at user level. The solution automates attendance management without any kind of manual intervention.

Defining Multiple Shifts & Schedules
Many organizations have multiple shifts running, and maintaining attendance details of employees working in different shifts becomes difficult. This is more challenging when employees are working in overnight shift or works in more than one shifts. With COSEC Time-Attendance solution, organizations can simplify shift management by defining up to 99 different shifts and shift schedules with break time, grace time, repeat days, etc. Furthermore, the solution automatically assigns a shift to users based on their in-punch details.

Leave Management
Organizations, with the help of Time-Attendance solution, can create various leave types along with defining the parameters like balance check, enable/disable, paid/unpaid leave, accumulation, etc. Respective reporting managers can directly approve or reject leave applications over COSEC Employee Self Service portal. Employees can check their leave balance over the portal as well. Furthermore, HR/admin can define leave accumulation and credit rules as well.

Customized Reports Generation
COSEC Time-Attendance solution allows HR/admin to generate 200+ customized reports. The reports can be customized based on department, user, period, etc. Customized reports with colourful charts can be generated and exported in various formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, CSC and TXT.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Payroll
The Time-Attendance solution can be easily integrated with third party software such as Navision, SAGE VIP, ERP, HRM, Tally, HRM, Active Directory and others. COSEC offers multiple methods for such integration that includes database to database, API and customized export templates.

Easy Attendance Correction
With all attendance data stored accurately in real-time, employees can apply for attendance corrections over the Employee Self Service itself. The task of attendance correction also becomes easier for the HR/admin.

Real-time SMS and Email Notifications
The COSEC Time-Attendance solution sends instant SMS and Email notifications to users and respective reporting managers in case of exceptional situations. Managers can also auto-schedule notifications that are to be sent to employees. Furthermore, HR/admin can pre-schedule the task of sending attendance reports to reporting managers on a daily basis.

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