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Imagine a situation where your child is calling you on your mobile; your colleague is waiting for a response on the desk phone while you are writing an Email to a potential customer. How hectic and troublesome this situation is and how often does this happen? To ease your work and give communication convenience, don’t you feel there should be a unified communication solution where you can access all types of communication through a single interface? For an in-office experience, do you wish to be able to connect with your staff even when working remotely?

The field of communications is constantly evolving due to the diverse communication needs of enterprises. In order to be more connected with customers as well as each other, small business enterprises are gradually adopting smarter communication solutions. A communication solution that integrates desk phones, PCs (or laptops), and mobile devices, along with several collaboration capabilities is the need of the hour for small businesses to flourish. Increasing competition, flexible workplaces, and timings fuel the demand for a more collaborative communication solution. With collaboration and mobility as the critical aspects of business communication, the term ‘Unified Communications’ has been evolved.

UC solution facilitates us with various collaboration capabilities such as voice, email, instant messaging, and conferencing – audio, video, and web into one platform. This convergence of various pFactors that Help Boost Your Smalllatforms into one makes it easy to connect with the right person from anywhere using any device. UC platform has provided us with communication convenience and has paved the way for an organization’s agility and productivity.

Factors that Help Boost Your Small Business Bottom Line

Workforce Mobility

Unified Communications comes in handy when your customers or business associates are across the country or the sea. Introduction of softphones which enables you to receive and make calls from a single device. It gives you the freedom and the flexibility to use one number extension and Voice Mailbox that travels with the employee. Ease of use and freedom from the necessity of being tied to your desk are some of the reasons why your enterprise needs a softphone.


Unified Communications makes all types of communications accessible through a single interface, which eliminates the need to check the inboxes of multiple devices. Conduct a chat session with one of your colleagues while answering a phone inquiry from a customer or schedule quick meetings according to the employee availability, Unified Communications gives you the flexibility to connect anytime and from anywhere. Also, UC gives you the flexibility to choose presence sharing abilities through which you can choose when you want to communicate.

For example, if you are working on something important where you need to be focused, you can choose to activate ‘DND’. This will increase your productivity and make you more efficient in your work.

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Workforce Collaboration

Unifying different communication mediums has become a necessity for smooth business communications. Modern Enterprises require an IP solution that offers effective communication along with real-time work collaboration that simplifies the workflow of the employees. Streamlined business operation in an organization increases employee effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, an increase in employee efficiency increases their availability to customers, which adds to the business reputation as an excellent service provider.

Ease Of Communication

Today, each medium of communication creates a unique impact. Some information can be shared through a simple text while another needs an audio/video conference to be communicated effectively. UC allows you to choose your communication means as well as its impact. Whether you have a small enterprise or a large enterprise, UC solution gives you the ease and convenience to communicate effectively with people irrespective of their geographic location.

Effective Resource Utilization

Often a system gets outdated due to the dynamic needs of an enterprise or due to advancement in technology. The cost of changing the existing telephony and IT infrastructure is too high to bear. Unified Communications enables the utilization of existing phone and network infrastructure as it provides various media interfaces that extend the existing IP-PBX capabilities and make it compatible with the modern technologies.

Now, that you have come this far, you might have already considered bringing Unified Communications to your enterprise. If you are looking for the best UC solution that provides enterprise grade-solutions, Matrix Telecom Solution is the one for you. It offers real-time communication that enhances customer response, employee effectiveness and quick decision making. To stay competitive in the market, Matrix SOHO IP-PBX communication solution allows businesses to communicate and collaborate smartly. Matrix VARTA Applications on your smartphones gives you the most advanced call management system and a dynamic connectivity.

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