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Advanced Access Control Features for Large Businesses

As technology continues to mushroom by leaps and bounds, security becomes the pinnacle of concern for every business owner. Explicitly, in this era, it is not hard to foresee what damage a single breach can do to your business!

What is Access Control?

The productivity of any enterprise depends on its effectiveness in having the right people in the right place at the right time. Besides, physical security over the past decades has become increasingly more difficult for organizations. These two seemingly contradictory requirements lead to challenges in finding an optimum balance between productivity and security. The processes deployed in the large industries are inherently human-oriented, complex and challenging to automate.

As far as access control is concerned, security depends on having the right answers to – who, what, where and when. Defining, controlling and monitoring the events on the basis of these parameters defines the security in that enterprise.

This extensive demand for security concerns has created a boom for Access Control solutions for large enterprises in the market. Irrespective of the industry size, the main objective of the access control is, to begin with – protecting the physical, IP and human assets.

Reasons to switch to a controlled-access environment

  1. Ensure Employee Safety
  2. Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  3. Customized Access
  4. Deter Intruders
  5. Complete Reporting
  6. Security for Sensitive Data and Information

Concerning the current scenario, an effective access control solution has become the basic necessity that regulates the terms of accessibility and use of resources in an environment. However, in a large enterprise, the issues continue, and the access control needs to be robust and resilient.

Businesses require devices that restrict unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas. Additionally, it should have the ability to respond quickly to threats within the limits of the premises.

Technologies in Large Enterprises

The conventional type of access control systems came as an icebreaker replacing the age-old manual register entries. The PIN-based access system came into existence. Replacing which, the card-based access system gradually took over.

Though the PIN and RFID cards still have their prominence in the access control family, the large industries require fool-proof systems.

Following which, the biometric access control took over – fingerprint detection, palm vein readers, face recognition systems and much more!

Large industries demand systems that ensure complete security even with minimal titbits. Access control in the industries needs futuristic technology concerning the level of security breaches. Accordingly, the access control systems have evolved with some high-level security systems that include cloud-based technologies and mobile-based credentials.

Trends of the Decade

Modern-day access control technology requires bare minimum human intervention. Enterprise security systems today usually include intelligent hardware components, backend software systems and use of the latest communication protocols.

Also, several sectors in the business world have a strong influence. Precisely, to suit their requirements in terms of appearance, performance and longevity of the technology.

This is where the idea of using smartphones for access control originated from. Industrialists consider integrating their systems with mobility products or creating their own set of mobile credentials apps. From having a QR based system to creating a mobile application for managing these concerns. Access control systems are up with the trend!

Picking the right access control for your organisation can be a challenging process. Yes, you heard it right!

Coin the pain areas and the risks associated with it and choose a solution that addresses those factors ensuring the highest grade of security.

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