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Retail is a vast industry, one which is dependent on two major factors, customers and employees. Customers are an obvious factor, but many of you may wonder why and how employees. Well, if you would have noticed, almost every retail store, be it small or a large scale has employees. Serving customers to a satisfactory level would otherwise become a slightly difficult task. However, retail industry is again prone to comparatively more criminal activities. How many times have we heard that the road side thrift store was robbed at gun point or inventory stolen from them by teenagers or even employees for that matter?

Owing to this factor, security of retail stores has now become one of the major concerns for retailers. It is vital, for business to grow, customers to feel safe and gain positive experience at the store, and employees to feel secure in working at a retail store, to implement an effective surveillance system. Today, IP cameras are the talk of the town. Although costly, they are probably the best solution retailers can opt for in order to secure their retail premises. There are certain obvious benefits of having an IP surveillance system installed.

Here are five reasons that show how an IP video surveillance solution can aid retailers in securing their store.

Prevent Theft:

In any retail store, having adequate inventory of items is very important. Theft is a common occurrence at retail stores, well more common than we would like to think. If not armed robbery, some customers would rather choose to simply slip things off the shelves while no one is watching. At times, even employees are tempted to steal stuff off the shelves. A surveillance system can easily aid in detecting such events and stop the perpetrators in the act. Cameras today are equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics that detect such anomalies and notify the responsible person immediately. Installing IP dome cameras on the outside of the store can also help keep an eye on whoever is entering the store. They can help determine if a person entering is suspicious or not. Hence, cameras can act as a deterrent for culprits from committing robbery in the store. Not just customers or thieves, but even employees would think twice before stealing if they know they’re being watched.

Remote Surveillance:

IP Camera for remote video surveillance

Surveillance systems of today come with the provision of integrating them with mobile applications. The benefit of having the surveillance system integrated with a mobile app is that the owners or responsible personnel can remotely monitor the store. Not being physically present in the store is no longer a hurdle when it comes to ensuring the security of the store. The respective authority is promptly notified in case of a mishap or even if hampering of a camera is detected. Furthermore, mobile apps allow the viewer to contact registered personnel through the app itself in case of emergencies.

Improved Customer Services:

A satisfactory customer experience lies at the heart of every retail business. Customers, when not attended properly may often leave the store unhappy, affecting your business reputation. Keeping an eye on the employees and how they are attending customers can help rectify situations with unhappy customers. Untrained employees can be trained and helped through their mistakes in order to improve how they are dealing with the customers. Some employees can also be terminated, based on the video evidence, if needed. Moreover, video surveillance footage can be used to corroborate customer complaints and identify whether the said incident actually occurred or they are mere false claims.

Improved Staffing:

Outdoor IP cameras and internal surveillance system can help determine the hours when there is maximum influx of customers. This information can aid in better staffing management. More number of staff members can be arranged for attending the customers during these peak hours. Alternately, this information can also help in cutting down on the cost of paying employees while they are not needed at the store. Furthermore, having appropriate number of staff members with respect to the influx of customers will ultimately lead to satisfactory customer experience, which as we know is very important.

Ensuring Employee Safety:

Today are times when workplaces are often places where employees may feel threatened for their safety. It is especially common for employees to feel that way when they are working in a retail store. Having a surveillance system in the store gives them a sense of safety. It may act as an encouragement factor for them to work in a fear-free environment.

Conclusively, an IP camera surveillance system can prove highly beneficial for those in the retail business. The five reasons discussed above are probably only a few that retailers would think of when willing to implement a surveillance system in their stores. Such a system would definitely act as a deterrent for perpetrators and a feel-safe factor for customers as well as employees.

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