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Weighbridge Integration

Trucks and heavy vehicles are a medium of transporting goods from one location to other in Industries such as Mining, Metal, Quarries, Iron and Steel etc. Ensuring that the right material is delivered and there is no manipulation of data entries becomes a matter of concern for such industries as it can cause huge monetary losses if not taken proper care. Before getting into details about how this works, let us understand what Weighbridge Integration is.

What is Weighbridge System?

It is a system that is mainly used to weigh large vehicles and containers that transfer goods and other materials from one place to another. It has an electronic or digital monitor which displays the weight of the vehicle and hence it is noted by the operator for checking in/out of vehicles.

Traditionally weighbridge was only used to weigh vehicles or containers and was highly dependent on the operators for completing the process. Industries faced challenges managing these vehicles and goods despite having such a system because of errors caused during manual interruptions or at times due to intentional data spoofing. This reduced the operational efficiency and made managing the process centrally a difficult process. Additionally, this overlooked the need for evidence and provided no detailed data for future analysis.

Looking at these challenges, Matrix Comsec decided to build a solution that could solve all these issues and make this process easy for the users.

What Matrix Weighbridge Integration does and how is it different?
• Eliminates Data Spoofing
• Increases Efficiency and Productivity
• Manages Multi-Location Architecture
• Serves Customer with Different Pieces of evidence/ Emails And SMS
• Provides Analytical Reports

Eliminates Data Spoofing

Matrix system automates the entire process from the entry of the vehicle to the exit of the vehicle from the premises. It collects pictorial evidence of the inward and outward movement of vehicles. This eliminates the need for human intervention and hence there are fewer possibilities of data manipulation. Other than this, as reassurance, it maps the number such as license plates, challan numbers or token numbers to avoid false data entry.

Increases Efficiency and Productivity:

Efficiency and productivity are the two very important factors for any industry. The company grows and takes every small step that it can to increase these factors and achieve the maximum output from their processes.

The entire transaction of a vehicle from its entry to its exits involves many processes and every process needs a separate system. This makes managing the data a difficult task. Hence Matrix Weighbridge Integration provides the ease of managing data from a single system.

It does so by managing and verifying transactions through the snapshots it captures when the vehicle is on the weighing scale. However, easy integration of Weighbridge with the ERP makes the system even more reliable and the entire process more productive.

Manages Multi Location Architecture

Delivering a material requires two processes, one is the dispatch of the product from one end and other is receiving of the material on the other end. But it does not end there. It is important to ensure that the material that is dispatched is the same as that received and more importantly of the same quantity. It becomes a difficult task to track these goods especially when they are from different vendors. Matrix Weighbridge Integration centrally manages dispatched and received data. This makes tracking of material from different vendors easy and makes it much easier to manage multiple locations.

Serves Customer with Different Pieces of evidence/ Emails and SMS

Along with this, the Weighbridge Integration also takes snapshots while the vehicle enters and while it leaves the premises providing information on the following:

1. Vehicle number snapshot
2. Driver snapshot
3. Material snapshot
4. Weighbridge snapshot

These snapshots along with bookmarks on a video recording of events i.e. entry and exit of the vehicle help provide evidence for auditing purpose. It can also be used to send email and SMS about the actual data to be received along with the receipt and condition of goods while it was dispatched.

Provides Analytical Reports

It provides a detailed report of the entire transaction containing the insights about the weighments, transaction condition and other customized fields along with snapshots as evidence.

How Matrix Weighbridge Integration System Works?



SAMAS Weighbridge collects snapshots as evidence for inward or outward vehicles by mapping unique numbers such as License Plates, Challan Numbers or Token Numbers for further verification and auditing purpose. A supervisor audits and a manager can approve every transaction by checking snapshots of the vehicle, driver, payload and weighing scale. SAMAS Weighbridge also supports seamless integration with the organization’s ERP through API. This makes Matrix Weighbridge solution advanced and highly efficient. The main aim of Matrix is to provide the best surveillance solutions across the world for various enterprises.

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