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Video Management Solution

The pandemic has shifted our way of operations especially due to the influence of factors like safety and hygiene. The shift for maximizing security at the endpoints of an enterprise has never been more important than before. Enterprises are adapting to the new normal by opting for security solutions such as video management systems that give them centralized control over their premises even if they are not physically present there. Apart from this, evolving new technologies are developed to overcome the problems which arose due to the pandemic like thermal screening.  These technologies are being implemented by organizations to tackle problems like elevated user temperature.

But, in the constantly changing environment where technology is evolving what are the core features in video management solutions that you should not compromise on. We will be discussing the core features that your video management solution should comprise:

  • Scalability

If your solution is not scalable it won’t be able to suffice your future needs. Yes! Enterprises should select and implement video surveillance solutions that will be able to adapt even if the enterprise decides to take their business overseas. This gives the firm flexibility in terms of adding additional devices to the system as well as add multiple users in the system. At the same time, a single hierarchy is maintained and it saves on cost in terms of investment towards security.

  • Integration

Convergent security is more effective than a single security deployment on the premises. So, firms should focus on those video management solutions which can integrate with other security solutions like point of sale, access control systems, weighbridge solution, parking management solution, building management systems. It might happen at times, that video management solutions cannot be integrated. As a result, firms have to invest in other solutions that elevate the security budget.

  • Redundancy

Loss of video data is one of the biggest challenges that companies encounter in cases where a loss is there due to some unfavorable incident. Locally managed video management solutions will not be able to tackle this issue. But, if the solution is centralized then the issue can be eliminated. Video redundancy is a feature that the solution must be able to deliver. In case of network burnouts, the user must be able to transfer the IP cameras and Network Video Recorders to a backup server on the network itself to maintain a smooth flow of surveillance data till the time the original server gets fixed.

  • Storage Optimization

Costs of additional server and storage devices can add up the security budget of a firm unnecessarily. Conventional surveillance solutions aren’t able to assist in the optimization of storage a lot due to a single compression technique used by them. But, an ideal solution should be able to assist you by optimizing your storage to the next level. Enterprises should seek video management solutions that offer dual compression techniques to optimize the storage to the next level.

  • Video Analytics

An organization needs to eliminate the threats proactively. Video management solutions assist a lot in this scenario if they comprise intelligent video analytics. Yes! Video Analytics assists a lot in proactively dealing with threats by giving real-time notifications. For instance, users can pre-define a particular scenario or a location where on the occurrence of abnormal activity the camera sends an instant notification to the user. As a result, the situation is brought under control in no time. Besides this, the software also eases the process as they have a central dashboard feature aids the organization control its premises more efficiently by giving the user a summary of the daily events.

Finding a solution with a mix of these features might be hard for you. But, now you know what should have and what you should not. So, let Matrix again decide what is an ideal security solution for your enterprise or not. Matrix SATATYA SAMAS, a centralized video management solution is your one-stop solution for all your security woes. It comprises the above-mentioned features as well as more.

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