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HD IP Cameras

While the term ‘smart’ manufacturing is quite common, manufacturers still rely on outdated security systems to protect their assets – leaving their premises vulnerable to thefts, violations and security breaches.

For many years, grainy surveillance systems have been adopted by businesses in order to secure their resources. But, the times have changed and technology has drastically improved over time. In a complex industry like manufacturing, where the security of equipment and personnel are of prime importance, a simple CCTV camera can no longer serve the purpose.

When we talk about the security of such an all-inclusive sector, the challenge is threefold:

  • Secure the Machinery
  • Optimize the Operations
  • Protect the Personnel

With advanced IP video surveillance systems, it is possible to overcome all three challenges with one solution. If you are considering installing IP Cameras for your business, it is important to know the benefits it can provide to you.
By implementing a complete security system, you are not only safeguarding your company’s premises but also supporting safe, efficient and reliable business operations.

From looking after the delivery and dispatch of commodities, operation of machinery and monitoring areas open to only authorized personnel – there are countless ways how video surveillance can ease the operations and secure the assets in a manufacturing company.

Here are a few ways to begin with.

1. Provides Complete Security – Security is vital for any business and when it comes to manufacturing – where costly machinery and products are involved – it is of paramount importance. IP security cameras help with proper perimeter protection, alerting security personnel in case of thefts and breaches, maintaining complete security.

Having said that, manufacturing industries also involve a constant flow of outsiders visiting the site. Therefore, effective car parking, front door entry and other access control solutions should be integrated with video surveillance for the complete security of your premises.

2. Ensures Employee Safety – IP video surveillance helps to reduce workplace accidents by alerting the concerned authorities in real-time. Moreover, the recorded video footage can be used in a post-incident analysis to know whether the responsibility of the mishap lies within the employer or the employee. Not just this, video surveillance also prevents accidents in the first place by ensuring that employees adhere to all health and safety guidelines needed.

3. Optimizing Operations and Production – Any failure in the machinery or production will bring a serious impact on efficiency, leading to unhappy customers and a reduction in productivity. Video surveillance keeps a check on all production processes and highlights potential issues so that timely preventive actions can be taken. Video surveillance can also be used to study the flow of people and products in the plant – giving useful insights for the improvement of production.

4. Saves Money – Installing IP security cameras is cost-efficient. They are any day cheaper than hiring full-time security officers for every entry, exit or sensitive area. Along with that, most of the IP cameras these days have high-quality night vision, so employees can have peace of mind even when nobody is present at the company.

Partner with Matrix for Cutting-Edge IP Video Surveillance Solutions

With more than two decades of experience under our belt, our modern and intelligent monitoring services make sure that you have 24*7 access to the latest footage and reports, wherever you are present. We very well know the importance of a complete IP video surveillance system for a business and help you lower your existing costs while ensuring that our reliable system never lets you down. Partner with Matrix Comsec to make sure your business security never skips a beat. To know more about our IP security cameras and video management system, get in touch now! Call us on 1800 258 7747 or send us an inquiry at

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