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Application: Access Control, Time-Attendance, Integration with Video Surveillance
Industry: Manufacturing
Credential: Face, PIN, RFID Card, BLE
Location: Saudi Arabia, Multi Location

This prominent Saudi-based pharmaceutical company has been dedicated to the development of an advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing complex. Their initiative aims to combat chronic and life-threatening diseases, aligning with the company’s vision of addressing unmet needs in the pharmaceutical sector within Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. This commitment positions the company at the forefront of advancing healthcare solutions and making a substantial impact on public health.

The client faced a complex array of challenges, from outdated hardware in Access control and CCTV systems to the integration of advanced access control features and payroll data with SAP. Overcoming disruptions in work continuity, the challenges included preserving the functionality of the existing system, unifying monitoring for emergency response, and implementing mobile attendance within fixed areas. Matrix’s comprehensive solution addressed these multifaceted hurdles, leveraging expertise to seamlessly integrate systems and provide tailored resolutions, ensuring optimal resource utilization and smooth workflow.

The challenges that the client faced were quite complex in nature. Right from the outdated hardware to payroll integration, the client encountered difficulties in securing the necessary resources for effective solutions. This led to disruptions in work continuity and hindered optimal resource utilization.

Challenges faced in Access Control and Attendance Management:

  • Outdated Hardware Components:The client grappled with the aging infrastructure as the Access control and CCTV hardware, installed a decade ago, faced obsolescence.
  • Advanced Access Control Implementation:The client expressed a need for advanced access control features, presenting a challenge in integrating these capabilities with their existing access control system. Preservation of the current system’s functionality was crucial.
  • Integration for Unified Monitoring:A key challenge involved integrating the access control and surveillance systems for unified monitoring on a single screen. The client sought features such as Alerts and Video Pop-ups to enhance emergency response, monitor door access, and detect Access Rules Violations.
  • Employee Attendance Data Integration with SAP:The client required seamless integration of employee attendance data with SAP for efficient payroll processing, presenting a challenge in ensuring compatibility and accuracy in data synchronization.
  • Mobile Attendance within a Particular Location:The client desired a solution allowing mobile attendance within the geo limits of their head office and plant locations, posing a unique challenge in providing flexibility without compromising security.

These multifaceted challenges formed the backdrop against which Matrix’s expertise and innovative solutions were applied to deliver a comprehensive and tailored resolution.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Matrix provided a seamless solution for all these clientele concerns. The integration of video surveillance, proactive security measures, and seamless payroll processing demonstrated Matrix’s commitment to delivering not just a solution, but a tailored and future-ready security ecosystem for our client.

Matrix provided tailored Access Control and Attendance Management:

  • Integration of Existing Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems for Seamless Operation:Matrix leveraged the client’s existing access control system by integrating it with the Matrix COSEC application, employing the Matrix COSEC ARC DC200P. Simultaneously, Matrix connected the client’s existing video surveillance solution with Matrix Server Grade Enterprise Network Video Recorders and Matrix IP Cameras. This strategic approach not only maximized the utility of the client’s existing infrastructure but also resulted in significant cost savings, offering a seamlessly integrated solution.
  • Advanced Access Control Implementation for Enhanced Security:Matrix addressed the client’s need for advanced access control features by integrating the existing system with Matrix’s access control solution. This integration extended security measures with features such as Man Trap, Time-Based Access, Zone-Based Access Policies, and Fire Alarm Integration. The result was a comprehensive security framework, providing centralized control over employees’ movements within secure areas.
  • Unified Monitoring and Proactive Security Measures using Video Surveillance:With the help of its R&D team, Matrix achieved a unified monitoring system with alerts and video pop-ups for emergency door access and Access rule violations. This seamless integration between access control and video surveillance created a responsive and proactive security infrastructure. The result was a single-screen monitoring experience, enhancing the client’s ability to address security concerns in real-time.
  • Hassle-Free Payroll Processing with SAP Integration for Better Attendance Management:Matrix time-attendance solution facilitated the integration of the client’s active directory for user master data and seamlessly integrated processed attendance data with SAP. This integration streamlined the payroll process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in salary calculations. The client experienced a hassle-free payroll integration, eliminating the risk of errors in the salary processing workflow.
  • Mobile Attendance Solution with Geo-Fence Capability:Matrix addressed the client’s need for mobile attendance with the COSEC APTA mobile application. This solution allowed the client to set a geo-fence around their head office and plant locations enabling employees to mark their attendance through their mobile phones within the designated limits. This innovative approach provided flexibility without compromising security, meeting the client’s requirements.

This comprehensive security solution, combining innovation and seamless integration, not only resolved the client’s challenges but also positioned them at the forefront of advanced security and access control technologies.

In the ever-evolving landscape of security and organizational management, the need for integrated solutions has become paramount. Our client’s journey encapsulates the challenges posed by outdated hardware in their Access control and CCTV systems, prompting the intervention of Matrix’s R&D team. As a result, a comprehensive solution emerged, seamlessly integrating CCTV and Access control functionalities.

Beyond enhancing security, this integrated system offers a streamlined monitoring experience, eliminating the need for disparate applications. Moreover, the incorporation of video pop-ups and email alerts ensures a proactive response to exceptions. Complementing these security features, the solution integrates their centralized Attendance system with SAP, optimizing not just security but also administrative processes. This holistic approach underscores Matrix’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions tailored to our client’s evolving needs.

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