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Shifting abroad or going on a visitor’s visa is fraught with gazillion complications. People are often concerned about their accommodations and itinerary in foreign places. While people are not within the limits of their own country and if any problem arises then it worsens the plight of people. The embassy officials are the only ones who can help the people in jeopardy. Therefore, it is imperative for the embassy professionals to constantly stay in touch with each other and be reachable every time to offer correct solutions at the right time.

The embassy working as a consulate of diplomatic missions in the foreign land represents a sovereign state. Besides issuing visa and assisting the citizens of native country on foreign soil, the embassy professionals are involved in different tasks such as interacting with the host governments, local governments, local businesses, the media and educational institutions. The main aim of the embassy is to promote the cultural, political and educational exchanges amongst the native and foreign country.

Since the embassy officers have to handle multiple tasks at the same time, they couldn’t remain tied to their desks for a long period. Employees roaming around to complete their tasks had to miss their calls because of which the calling parties had to face great difficulties.

Mobility being the prime requirement of embassy officials, they were looking for a solution that offered them connectivity of the modern wireless networks. Before investing in Matrix Telecom solutions, the authorities tested product performance on different parameters. With solution tailored exactly according to the needs of embassy professionals, they are quite satisfied with the deliverables.

The embassy professionals were looking for a solution that helped mobile employees remain in touch with the calling parties even when they were on the move. The authorities wanted a product that offered scalability and an easy switch to the latest networks. Employees understood the importance of continuous communications, and hence, they were looking for an easily manageable system that ensures minimal downtime.

  • Call Management
  • Flexibility to Attend Desk Extension Calls even on the Move
  • Robust Internal Connectivity
  • Flawless Communications

Matrix, in association with its esteemed partner Raycom Technologies, understood the requirements of embassy officials and designed a solution with following components:

GSM Gateways

Matrix range of GSM Gateways was offered to enable the embassy professionals in leveraging the benefits of wireless networks. GSM SIM cards were inserted and Analog trunk ports were interfaced to allow the desk employees call mobile numbers without incurring heavy costs. The same GSM trunks were used by the mobile employees to receive calls on their mobile phones.

Office-in-a-Box Solution

Matrix office-in-a-box solution was offered to establish inter-departmental connectivity. The single box was again configured for Analog trunk ports, GSM and VOIP connectivity. The compact solution helped officials access multiple networks according to their needs and manage their calling activities efficiently.

VOIP and GSM Connectivity for Mobile Employees

Matrix supplied communication solutions that offered mobility to employees with VOIP and GSM networks. With communication routed over the latest networks, desk employees as well as mobile employees were also able to connect with each other, and in turn offer accurate solutions.

Analog Trunk Ports for Inter Departmental Connectivity

The Analog trunk ports were offered to streamline the internal communication between different departments. Being connected with the same system enabled the employees to easily connect with each other and break internal communication bottlenecks.

Web based Centrally Managed User Interface

Matrix solutions are equipped with an intuitive user interface that allows IT and admin staff to manage and maintain the system from any location and any device. The entire set up eliminated the engineer’s need to physically travel to the place, and hence, ensure minimal downtime.

Improved Management and Handling of Calls

Flexibility to attend and place calls from mobile phones removed internal communication bottlenecks, helped the professionals attend their calls and answer the queries of calling parties.

Reduced Telephony Costs

Routing of communication on latest networks such as VOIP and GSM slashed down the telephony costs.

Improved Connectivity between Employees

Analog, GSM and VOIP connectivity brought employees working at different locations under the same communication roof. The entire arrangement took ease of dialing and connecting with multiple employees to new heights and in turn improved connectivity

Enhanced Work Efficiency

All teams being connected through a robust communication network allowed employees to exchange ideas without any hassle and eliminated all the possibilities of miscommunication between employees.

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