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INDUSTRY : Manufacturing
CUSTOMER : Sheela Foams Pvt Ltd. (Sleepwell Mattresses)
LOCATION : Delhi NCR, India

India based PU foam manufacturer established in 1971 is well known for making consumer comfort product. The mattress manufacturing giant has over 12 manufacturing units distributed across India and a corporate headquarter based out of Greater Noida to smoothly manage operations with 5,000+ dealers and 100+ distributors.

The manufacturing giant had three major challenges in setting up a business communication system for their state-of-the-art glass based corporate building infrastructure.

The prime challenge for the firm was to provide each employee with a wireless communication endpoint. Additionally, these wireless communication endpoints should not invite major change in user experience in terms of dialing habits. Secondly, the company planned to scale up their user base with time to assist their growth plans. They were looking for a communication set-up that could easily serve to a user base as large as 1,500 employees without any system hardware change, which was another challenging task.

Finally, they found it difficult to deploy a system with failover mechanism in case of power and CPU failure.

Matrix having served multiple clients in and around the capital city of India, along with its esteemed partner Corporate Telesystems Pvt. Ltd. (CTPL), was given a chance to understand the company’s requirements for establishing an office telephony network.

Having understood the requirement of the firm, Matrix and CTPL technical consultants offered a solution made for the specific requirement. IP based mobile endpoints Matrix VARTA – Unified Mobile and PC clients and Matrix SPASRH VP330E, SIP wireless endpoints interfaced with Matrix Unified Communication
servers over ETERNITY LENX.

  • Wire Free and Continuous Business Communication with Additional Productivity Features
  • Enhanced System Reliability with Power and CPU Backup Provision during Failovers
  • Future Ready System with High Scalability
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