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INDUSTRY: Health Care
CUSTOMER: Government Hospital
LOCATION: Bhopal, India

A Government hospital equipped with 350+ beds is spread across a lush green campus. The serene and positive atmosphere at the hospital offers a reassuring feeling to the patients and their families.

A Government hospital equipped with 350+ beds is spread across a lush green campus. The serene and positive atmosphere at the hospital offers a reassuring feeling to the patients and their families.

A strong communication backbone suffices all such concerns of the Government hospitals. To select a trustable solution, hospital authorities studied every communication solution available in the market deeply. Considering, the brand value and state-of-the-art architecture of Matrix Telecom solutions, the hospital quickly settled down for the solution.

The owners are very much satisfied with the solution. Matrix IP-PBX catered to all communication needs of the hospital ranging from expanding in the future to shifting to modern technology on requirement.

The Bhopal based Government hospital was looking for an advanced communication solution for leveraging the benefits of GSM and VOIP calling. The existing client already had a communication system installed in their facility. Since the system installed in the hospital was Analog, maintenance requirements were very frequent. Furthermore, high downtime of the system led to break in communications.

The hospital was looking for a communication solution, which bridges the communication gap between the doctors and the assisting staff. Hospital authorities wanted to improve communication convenience by eliminating the doctor’s need of dialling lengthy string of numbers to reach the desired staff.

Matrix, improved communication infrastructure at the Government hospital in association with its esteemed partner โ€“ A R Solutions. Matrix, tailored the entire solution keeping ETERNITY LE โ€“ The IP-PBX for Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity, at the centre.

ETERNITY LE โ€“ IP based Communication Platform
Matrix deployed ETERNITY LE, an IP communication system to suffice the hospital’s need of routing all their communication over VOIP network. ETERNITY LE offers connectivity up to 1,344 Analog users, 64 GSM users and 32 VOIP trunks from a single chassis. Access to new age and legacy networks from a single box eliminated the hospital’s need of stacking different systems, saving space and additional investment. The universal architecture and scalability of the system supports the expansion plans of the hospital.

Communication Routed over Cost-effective VOIP and GSM Networks
Since every call placed was routed through either VOIP or GSM networks, doctors and staff could enjoy intelligent call management features. These features include Call Forward, Call Transfer and Audio Conference making it easy for the staff to connect with the doctors in case of emergency. Every call routed from a single system resolved the issue of quick connectivity and network glitches. Connectivity over VOIP and GSM networks eliminated the need of wired connectivity and offered easy connectivity with mobile staff of the hospital.

Speed Dialling During Emergency
During emergency, it becomes necessary for the staff to coordinate and arrange immediate help for the patients. Matrix fulfilled this need of the hospital with the Speed Dialling feature. Hospital staff can now dial an extension number and connect with the desired doctor immediately.

Centrally Managed Directory for Swift Access to Doctors and Assisting Staff
Using the centrally managed directory, front desk staff can easily connect with the doctor by just dialling their initials. Furthermore, the Dial-by-Name feature offers dialling convenience and helps hospital staff arrange immediate help during emergencies.

Web based Intuitive User Interface
Centralized and remote management of the systems reduced downtime of the system. Ideally, there were no glitches in the system, but if there were any, they were resolved easily and in short period regardless of the engineer’s location.

Strong communication backbone is important for big hospitals to reduce the chances of errors and offer timely services to the patients. The Government based hospital entrusted Matrix Healthcare Communication solution and reaped benefits like:

Seamless Internal Communications between 500+ Users
Perfectly coordinated staff is requirement for offering superior services. Matrix ETERNITY LE enhanced communication between the hospital staff. Doctors remained in the constant touch with each other and the assisting staff regardless of their location.

Effective and Immediate Handling of Emergency Situations
Features like Speed Dialling, Call Transfer, Call Forward and Audio Conference helped doctors take appropriate actions in the desired period. Facility of attending emergency calls at the ease of pressing a single button allowed doctors to manage emergency situations properly.

Hassle Free Maintenance
Centrally managed remote systems reduced downtime and ensured 24X7 connectivity. Easy management eliminated the hospital’s need of frequently managing the systems, which was major problem in the initial set up at the hospital.

Now, the internal communication is streamlined, giving the staff feasibility of quickly contacting the concerned doctors. Doctors can take the emergency calls by pressing just a single button, increasing their scope of reaching patients at the earliest.

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