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CUSTOMER : A Reputed Bank of KSA
LOCATION : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A reputed Bank of KSA, established in 1978, is having 100+ branch offices and 10,000+ employees worldwide. They were seeking a communication system that helps them extend their reach to the end customer for promotional activities and debt collection, with an unrecognizable caller number and reduced communication cost.

Increasing business competition had put pressure on Banks to extend their reach to their end customers with innovative ideas and promotional schemes. Reaching the end-customers for promotions and debt collection were the foremost requirement from the customer. Switchboard numbers and land-line numbers are clearly identifiable, which causes rejection or ignorance. Masking of calling numbers is also prohibited by Telecom regulations in many countries. This results in reduced reachability to end customers and hence less debt collections, which impacts business.

Matrix, working along with the regional channel partner -Tecnomic Systems, Dubai, understood the requirement of the customer and delivered VOIP-GSM Gateway as a solution, including ETERNITY ME16S and ETERNITY LE as Universal Media Gateway.

Multi-location Setup with Capacity of 350+ SIM Cards
Three ETERNITY ME16S and one ETERNITY LE as GSM Gateway were installed at four different locations including main office and branch offices. Setup was prepared with the capacity of 350+ SIM cards for future expandability. All four branches were connected over IP.

Gateway System with easily Replaceable SIM Cards
When bank employees call their end customers from different SIM cards, they are unidentifiable and hence, probability of getting ignored reduces. Once an end customer identifies the SIM number, a customer has accessibility to the number of GSM service providers available. The customers can choose from amongst these numbers for the upcoming promotional or debt gathering activities.

Centrally Manageable System with built-in Industry Standard Telecom Protocol
Matrix Telecom products follow the standard telecom protocols and there are no chances of disputes. Adding and assigning extra features to an employee’s extension can be done remotely using Graphical User Interface, whenever required in the future.

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