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Application : Time-Attendance
Users : 500+
Devices : 8+
Industry : Retail Group
Location : UAE and Dubai โ€“ 8+

Day To Day is a one-stop shopping destination spread across

UAE. It is one of the pioneers of discount shopping center in the UAE and Dubai. With a selected chain of suppliers, they offer the widest choices of products at very affordable prices. The Day To Day products range from daily food items to beauty products and per fumes. Household items such as kitchenware, tableware, appliances, decors and electronics including mobile phones and computer accessories are also available here. The store offer apparels such as ladies wear,

menswear, and children’s wear, in addition to shoes, bags, school and office supplies. Day To Day is located in more than eight locations with Sharjah Day To Day being the biggest branch they have till date.

As Day To Day is operational at several locations, it can be slightly dreary to manage attendance of every person while keeping a track of each of their IN and OUT timings, overtime, leaves, and shift management for multiple locations from one single location. So, attendance management, multiple shift management and over time calculation can be a tricky challenge. Apart from that, they required specific type of reports to map everything department or location wise.

Matrix offered its dynamic range of biometric hardware products along with the software solutions to complement the devices. As Day To Day is an exponentially growing company building stores at several locations, Matrix offered to help them manage its employees at all the locations. This solution proves to be useful in managing the attendance of their employees, their shift management and

overtime management along with several specific types of reports generated with detailed filter options to smooth the process and analysis for the Supervisor.

Day To Day fulfilled its requirement with Matrix People Mobility Management Solution and achieved the following results:

  • Managed Employees through Centralized Monitoring from a Single Location
  • Reduced Complexity of Shifts by Time-Attendance Solution
  • Eliminated Overtime Issues with Matrix Time-Attendance Solution
  • Lessened burden for HR with Various Precise Reports
    Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller for Time-Attendance
    Application Server Platform with 500 or more Users and Expandable up to 1,000 Users
    Time-Attendance Module for 500 or more Users
    User license for 100 users
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