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Application : Access Control and Time-Attendance
Users : 20,000+
Credentials : Fingerprint (with Optical Sensor)
Industry : Construction
Location : 25 (across Middle East)

Abdullah A. M. Al-Khodari Sons Company is a multifaceted contracting company in Saudi Arabia. This company conducts business in diverse sectors such as Civil Engineering, Roads and Bridges, Railways, Buildings and Infrastructure, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Oil-Gas and Pipelines in support of Petrochemical Production, City Cleaning, Environmental Control, Land Transportation and Maintenance. The company has witnessed continuous success and steady growth with various branches spread across the Middle East.

Al-Khodari Sons Company is engaged in widespread construction activities with 60 construction sites in the Middle East. Managing time-attendance, shifts, leaves and overtime of 20,000+ employees of multiple branches at the Head Office centrally was quite time consuming and a tedious task. Issues regarding placing palm as a credential in proper position on the previously used hand geometry recognition device used to trouble the workers. Hence, inaccurate attendance data led to inefficiency and employee dissatisfaction. Also, Working hours and overtime calculation of employees used to take around 10 days, thus delayed salary processing time.

Matrix provided web based COSEC Time-Attendance and Access Control solutions for their multi-located branches across the Middle East. It offers centralized attendance management solution for various branches spread across multiple locations. It automates all processes right from recording entries and exits up to processing salaries hence minimizes manual interventions. COSEC Access Control solution allows controlling access on three simultaneous dimensions – user, zone and time. Optical fingerprint based Time-Attendance and Access Control terminal, COSEC DOOR FOP, has been installed to mark the attendance and get access using fingerprint credential as per assigned access rules and attendance policies. Data gets pushed automatically in real-time from all devices to the COSEC CENTRA Server. The software generates reports and charts for faster and accurate salary calculation.

  • Time Required for Salary Calculation Reduced by 30%
  • Productivity Increased by 20%
  • Control of all Sites through a Live Monitoring Window
  • Error Free Time-Attendance and Overtime Data
  • Attendance Management of all Employees
  • Centralized Report Generation
  • COSEC DOOR FOP – Optical Fingerprint and RFID Card based Door Controller
  • COSEC ENROLL FINGER – Fingerprint Enrolment Station
  • COSEC LE PLATFORM – Web based Application Software Platform with 1,000 Users and Expandable up to 1 million Users
  • COSEC LE TAM – Time-Attendance and Leave Management Module for COSEC CENTRA LE Users
  • COSEC LE ACM – Access Control Module for COSEC CENTRA LE Users
  • COSEC LE USER 10000 – 10,000 Users License for LE Platform
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