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Application: Elevator Access Control
Users: 300
Industry: Retail
Credential: RFID Card
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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The client approached Matrix with a specific challenge: implementing a secure elevator access control system. Desiring restricted access to designated floors exclusively for authorized individuals, the client sought Matrix’s expertise to provide Elevator Access Control Solution, ensuring controlled and secure vertical movement within their building for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

The client faced a major challenge of restricting access to certain floors via elevator access as mentioned below:

  • Elevator Access Control for Restricted Floors
    The client faced a challenge with its 12-floor facility containing three restricted floors for its employees. To enhance security, Matrix was enlisted to implement an effective elevator access control system. The solution ensured precise authorization, limiting access to designated floors and addressing the client’s need for heightened security within their premises.

Matrix effectively addressed these requirements, delivering solutions that enhanced its clientโ€™s security systems.

Matrix installed elevator access control system to accomplish:

  • Elevator Access Control for VIP Floors
    Matrix adeptly resolved the client’s challenge involving 12 floors, with 3 designated as restricted zones. Through a tailored elevator access control system, Matrix successfully achieved the client’s goal of providing selective access to VIP individuals for the specified 3 floors, ensuring enhanced security and control within the premises.

Matrix’s Elevator Access Control Solution not only addressed the client’s issues but also significantly improved access operations, resulting in heightened overall security throughout the organization.

Matrix’s implementation of the Elevator Access Control Solution yielded remarkable outcomes for the client. The tailored system successfully secured and controlled vertical movement within the 12-floor facility, particularly on the three restricted floors. By providing selective access to VIP individuals, Matrix not only met the client’s specific requirements but also significantly enhanced overall security operations. The successful collaboration resulted in an optimized security infrastructure, reflecting Matrix’s commitment to delivering effective solutions for their clients’ unique challenges.

Products Offered Description
COSEC ARC IO800 Input-Output Controller
COSEC PATH DCCM Compact Card Based Door Controller
COSEC CENTRA PLT Platform-based User License
COSEC CENTRA ACM Access Control User License
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