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Application : Time-Attendance, Employee Self Service and Visitor Management
Users : 500+
Devices : 13+
Industry : Manufacturing
Credential : Fingerprint
Location : Mysore, India

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is an Automotive Tyre, Tubes and Flaps manufacturing company based in Delhi, India. The company is the only tyre manufacturer offering the entire range of four-wheeler radials for Trucks, Buses and Cars. JK Tyre has a worldwide customer base in over 80+ countries. With production facilities in nine plants, total production capacity is almost 20 million tyres per annum.

JK Tyres have its biggest manufacturing setup in Mysore. The premise consists of a manufacturing unit as well as the administrative department. Since the plant runs 24ร—7 and there are numerous shifts of workers, they found it difficult to manage multiple shifts manually. Managing visitors was also a problem for a company. So, they required a software, which helped them keep a record of visitors on time-to-time basis. Creating a visitor’s identity in the form of visitor pass and generating reports of visitors on a monthly basis was a tiresome process. JK Tyres was looking for a vendor who could offer them a complete solution related to Time-Attendance and Visitor Management.

Matrix offered a Time-Attendance solution, which centrally handles multiple shifts of workers and employees. Numerous shifts were created to manage Time-Attendance of over 500+ workers. Moreover, we provided Employee Self Service, which helps an employee view day-to-day attendance, apply for leave/tour, etc. JK Tyres further required a record of visitors so we delivered Visitor Management software, which helped them create a visitor pass, fetch visitor records and generate reports of the same.

  • Reduction in Cumbersome HR tasks
  • Automatic Maintenance of Visitor Records on Day-to-Day basis
  • 40% Increase in Productivity of Employees and Workers
    Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller with Touchscreen, IP65, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G Connectivity Option
    Fingerprint and Card based Exit Reader with IP65
    Application Server Platform with 500 Users and Expandable up to 1,000 Users for Basic Access Control and Raw Event Data
    Time-Attendance Software Module for COSEC CENTRA ME Users
    Employee Self Service Software Module for COSEC CENTRA ME Users
    Visitor Management Software Module for COSEC CENTRA ME Users
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