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INDUSTRY : Health Care
CUSTOMER : Medical College Hospital and Research Center
LOCATION : Kerala, India

Kerala based medical college, hospital and research institute is a pioneer in offering health care facilities and medical education in South India. The hospital offers treatment for snake bites, child diseases, burns, plastic surgery, eye disorders, skin problems and many other disorders. The institute also offers specialization in different courses such as general medicine, radio diagnosis, ENT, physiology, pathology, microbiology and others.

With an aim of streamlining communication between these departments, the medical college hospital and research institute was looking for an advanced communication solution.

The hospital authorities understood the importance of continuous communications and hence took a tour of the entire market before settling down for a communication solution. After considering every option available in the market, the trustees relied on Matrix communication platform. There have been no issues since the deployment. Now, the hospital staff is connected with each other and can offer care to the patients within a limited time period.

The institute was looking for a Flexible solution that would support their future expansion plans without modifying the existing infrastructure. There were many instances when the doctors and other staff wanted to make an announcement right from their desks. Therefore, there was a need for a system that enables these professionals to make announcements by using their desk phones. Since the hospital was a multi-specialty one, doctors holding specialization in different fields needed to hold a conference for discussing complicated cases on a regular basis. Furthermore, many calls were dropped due to inadequate number of channels handling heavy inflow of calls. The hospital personnel couldn’t afford any communication delays, therefore a system that requires minimum maintenance was their prime requirement.

Matrix, in association with its partner Team Telecom, did a thorough study of the case and drafted a solution including the following components:

ETERNITY LE โ€“ IP based Communication Platform
The need of scaling up with technology was catered through ETERNITY LE. The communication platform has universal architecture with flexibility of inserting interface cards in any of the 28 hybrid slots. The solution offered connectivity up to 1,344 Analog users, 128 GSM users and 1,500 VOIP users. With features like Hot Swapability and Redundancy, the chair person at the hospital ensured that there are minimum communication bottlenecks.

Interface Cards for Constant Communication at Low Costs
Being a hospital redefining patient care at low costs, the hospital received many patient inquiries. Furthermore, another section of the hospital was a college and it also received heavy inflow of the student’s calls for discussing career opportunities, admission formalities and many other topics. To effectively manage all these calls, PRI cards were inserted in the system. The cards offered ample trunk ports which reduced the call drop ratio and enabled the hospital executives manage call traffic efficiently and effectively.

VARTA Professional License to Improve Communication Convenience
VARTA Professional License was offered to enable the staff note the Presence Status of the doctors and inform them regarding any emergency. The ease of arranging conferences and adding participants to the same improved. Communication at the ease of a single click and from the laptop screens improved interdepartmental communication and boosted staff productivity.

Web based Management and Intuitive User Interface
To cater to hospital’s need of reduced downtime and no communication delays, ETERNITY LE is equipped with remote based management system. Using the feature, system engineer can manage the system from anywhere, eliminating the traveling cost and sufficing the need of timely and quick maintenance.

Streamlined Communication
With connectivity of Analog users, mobile phone users, IP extension users and Digital Key Phone (DKP) users from the same platform, there has been a substantial decrease in the communication bottlenecks. With VARTA Professional License, communication convenience is uplifted and reachability of the mobile staff is improved.

Multi-party Conference Automated Decision Making Process
Using the Audio Conferencing facility of ETERNITY LE and Dragand- Drop Conference with VARTA Professional License, hosting and participating in a conference has become easier. Now, doctors and other medical executives can connect with each other and discuss complicated/critical cases, automating the decision making process.

Retained Existing Cabling Infrastructure and Saved on New Investment Costs
The Analog extensions present in the hospital rooms were interfaced with ETERNITY LE. System’s flexibility to connect with third-party phones saved the cost of buying separate extensions. Furthermore, use of existing cables for connecting extensions with the system eliminated the need to buy separate set of wires.

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