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INDUSTRY : Software Development Services Industry
CUSTOMER : Metacube
LOCATION : Jaipur, India

Metacube is a well-known software product development services company. The company partners with start-ups and established companies and assists them in designing secured software that suffices the distinct requirements of their clients. Being a technology driven company, the owners were looking for a communication solution that offers them an easy shift to the latest technology.

The owners wanted one of the best solutions for their organization. Therefore, they took a tour of the market to find a reliable system. After taking market feedback and studying the specifications of other players, the owner opted for Matrix Communication solution because of its flexible architecture and reliable after-sales support.

The owners have not faced any issues since the deployment. Now, all the employees are connected with each other. There has been substantial decrease in the call drop ratio resulting in no lost business opportunities.

One of the main concerns of Metacube was to shift to the latest communication technology. The owners wanted to build a robust communication link between their employees. A legacy PBX of another brand was already installed at the Metacube. Since the owners wanted to scale up and switch to latest communication technology, they wanted a PBX with IP at core, which can be integrated with the existing PBX and offer transparency of features as well.

For a service company, lost calls mean lost business opportunities. Since Metacube is one of the pioneers of the software development service companies, they received huge number of customer calls on a daily basis and missed many of these because of the unavailability of adequate calling channels.

With a combined team effort of Matrix and Sharda Systems Pvt. Ltd., a solution was tailored consisting of:

SARVAM UCS โ€“ the Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises
Metacube owners’ need of experiencing latest communication technology was satisfied with Matrix SARVAM UCS. With IP at core, the Unified Communication server ensured robust connectivity and offered a range of features that streamlined external and internal communication.

QSIG License for Connecting PBX of a Different Brand with Matrix SARVAM UCS
The owners wanted to connect the existing PBX of a different brand with Matrix SARVAM UCS and avail the features of both the PBXs. Matrix connected both the PBXs by offering QSIG license for the PRI card. QSIG license offered feature transparency and the facility to utilize trunks of both the PBXs to reduce the call drop ratio.

PRI Card Offering Adequate Number of Calling Channels
The company received many calls from their prospects as well as the existing customers. Every lost call could harm their image. To solve the problem, Matrix offered PRI card with 30 channels for simultaneous calling. Appropriate number of channels ensured proper management of the internal and external calls.

License to Avail the Connectivity of VOIP Channels
Owing to the heavy call traffic, license for availing the connectivity of VOIP channels was provided. Connectivity over VOIP proved to be value for money investment since communication convenience was improved and the call drop ratio also reduced significantly.

24×7 Connectivity
Communication routed over the same system ensured anytime connectivity. Availability of adequate number of channels in both the VOIP and PRI networks enabled staff members to place and receive external calls without facing any connectivity issues.

Elevated Communication Convenience
With easy access of intelligent call management features such as Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Hold, Call Mute and Audio Conference, the communication convenience of employees was taken a notch higher.

Minimum Maintenance
All Matrix communication platforms offer centralized web based management. Therefore, system engineers can now resolve the issues from anywhere without physically travelling to that place, thus saving time.

Boost in Team Efficiency
The entire staff is now connected with each other. Easy access of intelligent call management features has only improved the ease of calling. Now, all the staff members are connected with each other and can discuss on different projects, thus boosting team efficiency.

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