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INDUSTRY : Manufacturing
CUSTOMER : Micromax Informatics Limited
LOCATION : Across India

Micromax Informatics Limited is the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in India. Micromax holds the credit of making smartphones with alluring features such as 30-day battery back-up, dual SIM standby phones, QWERTY keypads and many more.

In this era, when every smartphone manufacturer is trying to offer innovative features, to remain ahead of the curve has become a tough task. Continuous communication through desk phones and face to face interactions through video conferences is an important step for any company to survive in this ever-evolving industry. Facility for customer care executives to contact the customer who placed the missed call is also necessary to improve customer retention.

Micromax wanted a robust communication link between their marketing, sales professionals and R&D employees to discuss and introduce new features. Micromax wanted quick connectivity between the Logistics department and branch offices to avoid any discrepancy regarding order dispatch. The smartphone manufacturing giant wanted high bandwidth to conduct video conferences for critical discussions. Sending text messages in bulk to promote their brand was another requirement of Micromax. Furthermore, a communication system that can keep track of the missed calls and facility to call back on the same number was the prime requirement.

Matrix, along with its channel partner Corporate Telesystems Pvt. Ltd., closely studied the requirement of Micromax and offered a solution that catered to their distinct needs. Matrix installed ETERNITY LE โ€“ the IP-PBX for universal connectivity and seamless mobility at the head office to support communication amongst 600 employees. Total eight trunks including six PRI trunks and two BRI trunks were offered for continuous outbound calling and delivering optimum bandwidth and ports for video conferences. ETERNITY GE12SAC configured for 32 GSM trunks for cost-effective calling was installed at the head office. User Terminal SPARSH VP248 was provided for improved business communications. ETERNITY ME16SAC was installed to bridge the communication gap between 300 R&D employees.

ETERNITY GE12SAC was installed at the two branch offices, one at each, to improve communication between 90 employees. Matrix deployed ETERNITY PE6SP at one logistics office in Bahadurgarh to connect 25 employees internally and with rest of the units. Furthermore, ETERNITY GE6SAC was installed at another logistics branch to boost communication between 70 employees.

Peer to Peer Connectivity for Connecting Six Branches over IP across India
Matrix range of ETERNITY PBXs installed at the head office and branch offices were connected over IP making internal communication simple. Peer to peer IP connectivity reduced cabling costs and communication over IP saved telephony costs. Three-digit Dialing and easy access to intelligent call management features such as Call Forward, Call Hold, Conference and Call Transfer made business communication convenience a notch higher.

SMS Gateway License to Send Bulk Messages
To garner attention of masses, text messages were sent in bulk by activating SMS Gateway license in the ETERNITY GE12SAC. Sending messages helped the brand improve its image in the market.

PRI and BRI Trunk Card for Adequate Number of Ports and Bandwidth for Video Conferencing
256 kbps bandwidth is required for successful organization of high quality video conferencing. This demand of high bandwidth was catered by inserting six PRI trunk cards. Third party phones were connected with Matrix IP-PBX for video conferencing. PRI trunk cards were also used to facilitate outbound calling at the head office.

CLI Feature to offer Toll Free Services
Micromax had a toll-free number on which customers can give a miss call and the customer care executive will call them back. CLI (Calling Line Interface) feature of the IP User Terminal was used to keep a track of the missed call numbers. Since most of the calls to be done were on GSM SIM cards, the call made by a customer care executive was routed through GSM trunk.

  • Improved Brand Awareness by Sending Bulk Messages
  • Toll Free Services for Improving Customer Retention
  • Glitch-free Video Conferencing Boosted Communication and Employees’ Productivity
  • Routing Calls through IP Reduced Communication Costs
  • Peer to Peer IP Connectivity Enhanced Multi-location Collaboration
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