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INDUSTRY : Health Care
CUSTOMER : Noble Hospital
LOCATION : Pune, India

Noble hospital, located in Pune, is synonymous with efficient and dedicated healthcare services. Their constant efforts for redefining the patient care services made them the most trusted and reliable healthcare service provider. The hospital houses different departments such as medicine, surgery, gynaecology, sports medicine, neurology, cardiology, oncology, IVF, burns and diabetology.

These departments are divided into two distinct branches. For smooth flow of information between these branches and superior patient care, proper communication between the departments was necessary. The hospital wanted to conduct messaging and calling campaigns to educate the patients and families regarding their new ventures.

Since the hospital authorities were looking for a reliable communication system, they studied every solution available in the market. The trustees entrusted Matrix Telecom solutions after considering the flexible architecture of the solution. The hospital authorities are quite satisfied with the products installed. Their primary need of streamlining communication between the two buildings is satisfied with one single platform offered by Matrix.

Being one of the well-known hospitals, the hospital received huge number of patients. Therefore, doctors and the nursing staff had to constantly remain on the move, creating a problem of reachability. The issue made hospital trustees’ look for a solution that enabled the receptionists to connect with the doctors even when they were not present in the cabins.

To spread word about release of new technology or opening of a new department, the hospital authorities had to frequently run SMS campaigns. Therefore, they were looking for a communication solution that allowed them to send test messages and place calls conveniently.

The hospital authorities wanted to invest in a solution that can be easily integrated with the announcement equipment and the emergency light indicators. Their requirement was to make announcements centrally.

Lastly, the hospital authorities wanted a system that enabled them to access multiple networks from a single platform and supported their expansion plans.

The ingenious team of engineers at Matrix and Pan Systems came together and designed a solution with the following components:

ETERNITY LE โ€“ IP-PBX for Universal Connectivity and Seamless Mobility
Matrix offered ETERNITY LE to satisfy the hospital’s need of connecting two branches on a single system. The communication solution aligned the information flow between the 480 staff members working at the two different buildings. The one touch access to intelligent call management features such as Call Forward, Call Mute, Call Transfer, Call Block and Presence Status took communication convenience a notch higher and in turn boosted staff’s productivity.

VARTA โ€“ the UC Client for Seamless Collaboration
The need of hospital authorities to offer their staff world-class mobility was offered with Matrix unified user client โ€“ VARTA. The mobility application allowed the doctors and the nursing staff to access all the PBX features from their handheld terminals. Features like Presence Status, Audio Conferencing and Call Transfer smoothened the entire process of communication, increasing the reachability of the hospital staff.

Integration of AIP and AOP Port of ETERNITY LE with Existing Amplifiers
The facility of interfacing the existing amplifiers with ETERNITY LE allowed the hospital staff to do announcements from their desk extension. Doctors and nurses rely on the announcement making systems for effective mass communication and in return improve patient care.

SMS Server Application for SMS Campaigns
According to limits set by the TRAI regulations, hospital authorities couldn’t send bulk text message about their new ventures to the patients and their families. The requirement of the hospital authorities was fulfilled with the SMS server application. The server application allowed the authorities to conduct SMS campaign regularly in a convenient manner.

Integration with Third Party Light Indicators for Emergency Indication
ETERNITY LE was integrated with third party light indicators to alarm the doctors regarding any emergency. The integration facility helped the hospital staff to address emergency situations as early as possible.

Access of Multiple Networks from a Single Platform
ETERNITY LE offers hybrid architecture enabling the hospital staff to access new age and legacy networks from a single platform. ETERNITY LE improves connectivity between 1,344 Analog users, 128 GSM users and 1,500 VOIP users.

  • Communication Costs Reduced by 45%
  • Improved Inter Branch Connectivity
  • Automated Decision Making Process
  • No Special Efforts Required for Making Announcements
  • Emergencies Addressed Easily within Limited Time
  • Compact Footprint
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