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Industry: Government
Location: Uttarakhand, India

Being a big name within the power industry, this Indian power giant is a prominent public sector power utility company in India. It specializes in hydropower generation and allied activities, operating under the Ministry of Power, Government of India. With a focus on clean, sustainable, and affordable power, the company has completed multiple large-scale hydroelectric projects, contributing significantly to India’s energy sector.

  • Absence of a centralized video management solution for over 100 IP cameras and NVRs deployed at multiple locations in the plant, led to difficulties in centralized monitoring
  • Difficulty in finding a Video Management Software (VMS) that could integrate with different third-party IP cameras and NVRs 
  • IP cameras and NVRs from different brands had varying user interfaces, leading to confusion among users
  • Inability to integrate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system with the VMS, representing a missed opportunity for enhanced access control and vehicle tracking

This Indian power giant faced a substantial hurdle with its current video surveillance setup, which included 128 IP cameras and NVRs of different models and makes scattered throughout the plant. The diverse range of cameras posed a significant challenge, hindering centralized video surveillance. This led to delayed detection of security incidents, increased response times, and an overall compromised security posture for the plant. Additionally, they were unable to find a video management software that could easily integrate with all third-party IP cameras and NVRs spread across the plant.

Matrix SATATYA SAMAS –  Video Management Software provided a Centralized Video Surveillance Solution to the Indian Power Giant.

All 128 third-party IP cameras and NVRs across the plant seamlessly integrated with SATATYA SAMAS, offering smooth monitoring capabilities. The Admin Client simplified the addition of cameras and NVRs, and the Smart Client allowed for easy playback and monitoring. The Mobile Client enabled remote monitoring from anywhere, ensuring plant surveillance could be conducted on the go. SATATYA SAMAS effectively addressed the challenges, providing a user-friendly video management system that significantly improved overall security system efficiency.

Matrix extended its expertise by introducing an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution at 12 entry points within the power plant location. This strategic implementation ensured that every vehicle entering the plant premises underwent a mandatory authentication process at the gate. Only after successful authentication were vehicles granted access to the premises. The ANPR solution played a crucial role by capturing the license plate of each entering vehicle, converting it into a digital number, and securely storing it in the database. This comprehensive approach not only fortified security measures at each entry point but also established a reliable record-keeping system for enhanced monitoring and control of vehicular access.

Interoperability: SATATYA SAMAS facilitated seamless integration with all IP cameras and NVRs, irrespective of their models or brands, ensuring a unified and interoperable video management system.

Efficient Monitoring: The centralized video surveillance system enhanced plant-wide monitoring from a single interface.

Effortless Management and Playback: The user-friendly Admin Client streamlined camera and NVR management, while the Smart Client enabled easy playback and monitoring for swift security response.

Remote Monitoring: The Mobile Client allowed on-the-go plant surveillance from any location along with instant notifications and alerts for quick response. 

Enhanced Access Control: Matrix’s ANPR solution strengthened access control by authenticating vehicles.

Improved Vehicle Tracking: ANPR solution captured and stored license plate information, enhancing vehicle tracking and security.

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