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Application: Time-Attendance
Users: 25,000
Industry: Education
Credential: Face
Location: Vadodara

Established in the early 2010s in Vadodara, Gujarat, this private institution has rapidly become a leading player in Indian college education. Offering a diverse range of programs such as engineering, management, pharmacy, and more, the campus is equipped with modern facilities, fostering a dynamic learning environment. With a commitment to academic excellence, research, and holistic student development, the institution prepares students for professional challenges. Affiliated with esteemed organizations, it continues to contribute significantly to student growth and community development, solidifying its position as a key player in the educational landscape.

The university sought enhancements in its existing Matrix Time-Attendance Solution to accommodate 25,000 more users over its existing capabilities. The current fingerprint-based attendance system performed well but the institution wanted to explore an upgrade that could speed up the attendance process as a whole. Hence they were considering a shift to a face recognition biometric attendance system. Additionally, the university aimed to extend the attendance system to hostels for improved student management. Addressing concerns about staff convenience, the institution prioritized a user-friendly punching system. This case study delves into the university’s pursuit of an advanced attendance management solution to optimize efficiency.

The major challenges that the university faced for the smooth operation of Its Attendance Management System were:

  • Need for High-Speed Attendance Marking
    The university aimed to enhance attendance marking speed and efficiency, necessitating a shift from the existing fingerprint-based system to a more advanced face recognition biometric attendance system. With a continually expanding user base of faculties, students, and teachers, the university sought  Face as a credential that accommodates the increasing demands for high-speed attendance management.
  • Extension of Existing Attendance Solution
    Recognizing the need for an attendance system for students across university hostels, the university aimed to extend its existing system to their hostels. This extension should offer enhanced protection and monitoring capabilities, ensuring efficient tracking of student’s entry and exit times for improved safety and management.

These requirements of an upgraded biometric attendance system prompted the university to seek innovative solutions, aiming to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of its attendance management processes.

Covering these requirements, Matrix efficiently provided solutions to better their existing time attendance solution.

Matrix upgraded the university’s Attendance Management System to accomplish:

  • Face-based Attendance Management Implementation
    Matrix introduced the COSEC ARGO FACE – Instant face recognition door controller, featuring advanced Face Recognition Capabilities, replacing the previous devices. This upgrade significantly accelerated attendance marking for students and staff, ensuring a seamless and high-speed process.
  • Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Extension
    Matrix capitalized on the university’s existing infrastructure, seamlessly integrating the latest devices at hostels with the existing third-party HRMS software. This strategic approach allowed for an extended network without significant changes. The result was a unified and centralized system, providing the university with efficient management of hostel-based attendance. This not only simplified supervision but also enhanced tracking capabilities for improved student monitoring within the premises.

Matrix’s innovative Time Attendance Solution not only resolved the client’s challenges but also brought about a notable enhancement in attendance operations, leading to increased overall efficiency across the organization.

Matrix’s innovative solutions not only met the university’s specific challenges but also contributed significantly to overall educational efficiency.

  • Efficient Attendance Operations
    Matrix solutions not only addressed the challenges but also enhanced attendance efficiency, catering to a rapidly growing user base of 25,000.
  • Seamless Transition to Face Recognition
    The upgrade to face recognition technology streamlined attendance marking, providing a faster and more convenient process for users.
  • Improved Hostel Student Management
    The extension of the time attendance system to hostels enhanced protection, monitoring, and tracking capabilities, ensuring better safety and management of students.
  • Unified Time Attendance System
    Matrix’s strategic integration with its existing third-party HRMS software helped to maintain a centralized system, facilitating efficient attendance management across multiple departments.

The successful implementation of advanced technologies streamlined attendance processes, improved student management, and solidified the institution’s position as a key player in the educational landscape.

Products Offered Description
COSEC ARGO FACE Instant-Face based Door Controller
COSEC CENTRA PLT Platform-based User License
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