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Customer Name: Leading Energy Company, West Bengal
Industry: Power
Location: Mednipur District

A leading energy company constructed a Thermal Power Plant of 2X300 MW capacity in Mednipur, West Bengal, addressing the increasing power needs of Kolkata and its surrounding areas. 

The organization consistently pursues excellence and ongoing enhancement in performance, quality, safety, and environmental management, aiming to meet customer and stakeholder satisfaction throughout the power generation process. The power plant strives for new technology, and enhanced maintenance practices, it employs the latest operational techniques to attain reliability, efficiency, and cost optimization.

Security being the priority they opt for the latest in IP Video Surveillance and Access Control Solutions.

  • Managing Vehicles at Entry/Exit – It is crucial to ensure that only authorized vehicles, accompanied by their owners, gain access to the premises. Unrestricted access could lead to serious security threats to the power plant, which is responsible for meeting 39% of Kolkata’s energy requirements. 
  • Managing Human Entry/Exit – Besides vehicles, a significant number of employees walk into the company’s premises. It is important to keep a record of the entry and exit of individuals entering the premises. 
  • Visitor Management – The power plant has numerous visitors throughout the day – vendors, clients, interviewees and many more it is important to have a record of the visitors visiting the premises and ensure they have access only to concerned areas in the office and not the entire office. 
  • IP Video Surveillance of the Premises: The expansive layout of the power plant makes it unfeasible to deploy manned security guards throughout the facility, leaving certain areas vulnerable to potential security threats. Additionally, video surveillance cameras play an important role in ensuring safety compliance. 
  • Access Control: Access control in power plants plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of critical infrastructure. This helps in preventing unauthorized personnel from entering restricted zones, safeguarding equipment, and critical infrastructure, and ensuring the overall safety and operational continuity of the power plant. 
  • Ash Gate Dumper Entry/Exit: Being a coal-based thermal power plant, generates a significant amount of ash as a byproduct. It is imperative to efficiently manage the ash by government directives, and a comprehensive record must be maintained for the drivers and dumpers collecting the ash. 

As a leading thermal power plant the company plays an important role in West Bengal’s energy infrastructure, dedicated to continuous improvement in operational processes. 

Understanding the critical role of secure premises, the facility acknowledges that a lack of control not only jeopardizes assets but also hampers productivity. Thus, the focus is on robust security solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations, safeguard resources, and foster an environment conducive to sustained growth and efficiency. 

Recognizing the limitations of age-old security infrastructure dependent on safety officers, prone to human errors and potential losses, the company sought a foolproof evidence-based data capture system. This comprehensive system ensures accuracy by capturing entry time, vehicle owner credentials, number plate details, and verification. 

In essence, the company faced the challenge of establishing a reliable access control and IP video surveillance system capable of capturing essential details and managing vehicle entry and exit seamlessly. 

Matrix experts assessed the requirements of the company and devised a robust security solution to ensure foolproof management and overall security of the plant 

  • Managing Vehicles at Entry/Exit – To streamline vehicle entry and exit, a third-party UHF reader was installed at the entrance. The reader scans the UHF tag on the vehicle’s glass, and if the details align with the database, the manned security guard opens the boom barrier. Once the vehicle passes Upon entry, the driver parks the vehicle and registers attendance by performing a fingerprint scan on the Path Reader. 
  • Managing Human Entry/Exit – Employees entering the company premises must use Argo Face for face recognition or Path DCC for card-based entry. After verifying the details, the flap barrier opens to grant entry to the employee. 
  • Visitor Management: To ensure comprehensive control over visitor movements on-site, each visitor must register in the Visitor Management System. Visitors enroll their faces at the security cabin by the gate and receive cards for movement within the premises. Entry necessitates dual credentials—both facial recognition and the allotted card—while exit only requires the presented card for validation. 
  • IP Video Surveillance of the Premises: CCTV cameras were deployed to enhance the security of the power plant premises, enabling centralized monitoring by security personnel. The incorporation of Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics ensures proactive security solutions.
  • Access Control: Given security concerns, the client required access control on their site. This measure aimed to restrict access to designated areas solely to authorized personnel, ensuring entry only for individuals with the necessary permissions.
  • Ash Gate Dumper Entry/Exit: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), or License Plate Recognition (LPR), employs optical character recognition to automatically read and interpret license plate information from vehicles. ANPR systems include IP Video Surveillance Cameras, lighting, sensors, and image processing software for capturing and analyzing license plate data. 

As dumpers approach the gate, the ANPR software reads the license plate, extracting vehicle details like permissions, PUC, insurance, and registration from records. After manual verification, if all details are up-to-date, the driver must provide a fingerprint scan for entry. Registered drivers are permitted, while discrepancies restrict entry. Upon exit, the license plate is recorded, ensuring a smooth process with comprehensive records of entries and exits. 

A robust security solution, ensuring foolproof management of the plant’s overall security was designed by Matrix experts. The solution helped streamline vehicle and human entry/exit, visitor management, access control, and ANPR at the ash gate, the system enhances efficiency, safety, and comprehensive record-keeping for seamless operations and heightened security.

The implemented security solution offers several benefits for the company: 

  1. Enhanced Security: The comprehensive IP Video Surveillance solution ensures robust security across the plant, safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential threats. 
  2. Efficient Vehicle Management: The third-party UHF reader and ANPR systems streamline vehicle entry/exit, reducing congestion, enhancing traffic flow, and improving overall operational efficiency. 
  3. Precise Human Entry/Exit Control: The use of biometric and card-based entry systems for employees ensures accurate monitoring and control over human movements within the premises. 
  4. Visitor Management: The Visitor Management System enhances control over visitor movements, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring a secure environment. 
  5. Access Control Measures: The implemented access control measures restrict entry to designated areas, minimizing the chance of security breaches and ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. 
  6. Attendance Tracking: The system facilitates accurate attendance tracking for employees, contributing to payroll accuracy and workforce management. 
  7. Foolproof Ash Gate Management: The ANPR system at the ash gate ensures accurate recognition of vehicles, validating permissions and registrations. This results in efficient gate management and reduces the risk of unauthorized entries. 
  8. Seamless Integration: The various components of the security system are seamlessly integrated, providing a holistic and efficient approach to security management. 
  9. Comprehensive Record-Keeping: The system maintains detailed records of entries and exits, aiding in audits, investigations, and compliance with regulatory requirements. 
  10. Operational Efficiency: By automating various security and entry/exit processes, the system contributes to operational efficiency, allowing the company to focus on its core activities. 

Overall, the implemented security system not only enhances security measures but also contributes to streamlined operations, improved safety, and efficient management of human and vehicular movements within the plant premises.

IP Video Surveillance

  • SATATYA NVR1602X: 1 Nos.

Access Control and Time Attendance

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