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Customer Name: Small Finance Bank
Industry: BFSI
Location: Mumbai

A Microfinance bank’s, unwavering commitment to financial inclusion led to its transition to a Small Finance Bank in just 8 years. With 2 million customers, they stand as a testament to their belief and are among the 10 companies, the sole, from Maharashtra, to secure a ‘Small Finance Bank’ license from the RBI.

The Small Finance Bank, in its journey towards growth, required an efficient Hybrid communication solution to support its extensive development plan. A shift from wired communication to VoIP-based communication was necessary to ensure swift and efficient operations, particularly during banking hours, demanding a seamless connection. Additionally, the requirement of Office and On-field connectivity of the employees had also to be met.

 To elaborate on their challenges:

  • Integration of modern communication with traditional networks: Safeguarding their investment in the existing infrastructure was imperative, necessitating the inclusion of provisions for upgrading communication through the use of the existing infrastructure.
  • Handling distinct protocols: Connecting with both existing and diverse telecom networks involves the management of different protocols, a task that can be burdensome, time-consuming, and energy-intensive.
  • Scalability and Redundancy as a feature: They needed a solution that could adapt to future requirements seamlessly, ensuring easy scalability for upcoming applications. Moreover, incorporating redundancy (backup) was essential to guarantee flawless operations, particularly during crucial banking hours.
  • Specified Timeframe: The transition and modernization had to be accomplished concurrently within a specified time limit.

Matrix Comsec thoroughly examined the communication opportunities and challenges faced by the Small Finance Bank, devising a long-term solution tailored to their needs. The proposed solution was built upon the foundation of leveraging the existing infrastructure, incorporating Matrix Telecom Solutions within a specified timeframe. This encompassed the deployment of an embedded IP-PBX and the integration of a VoIP-PRI Gateway, optimizing communication processes and preparing them for future requirements.

The Matrix solution includes:

  • The SETU VTEP VoIP-PRI gateway, situated at the main site, facilitated the shift from PRI lines to VoIP. The router linked to the gateway enabled communication across multiple locations via WAN. Additionally, the Gateway provided connectivity to IP desk phones, laptops, and mobile phones through UC Clients.
  • The Embedded IP PBX, PRASAR UCS through LAN connection offered multiple extensions, connected to the user end at the main site. The embedded IP PBX proved to be a medium for a transition towards IP-based communication hence making the solution future-proof. 
  • The Matrix Hybrid Communication solution seamlessly integrated both IP and Analog technologies, bringing together the strengths of both worlds to maximize the utilization of IT infrastructure. This results in enhanced organizational agility and flexibility, offering optimal benefits for modern communication needs.

The solution so implemented enabled them to reap the benefits of modern communication while also enabling them to make the best out of the existing infrastructure.  

  • The SETU VTEP VoIP PRI gateway provided 125 SIP trunks with 30 simultaneous calls. With Least-Cost Routing, calls were optimized which enhanced employee efficiency. Security features like PIN Authentication and Digest Authentication ensured secure access and protected user credentials during the authentication process.
  • The PRASAR UCS – SPARK200, an Embedded IP PBX, empowered them with the capacity for up to 2100 IP users. Moreover, advanced features such as supporting up to 550 concurrent calls, simultaneous tapping of 21 calls, and more, elevated their telecommunication capabilities to a superior level.
  • A seamless integration of Traditional and Modern networks was completed, resulting in a Hybrid Communication Solution that ensured connectivity between employees in the office and on the field. 

  • Matrix Embedded IP PBX Server: PRASAR UCS – SPARK200
  • Matrix range of VoIP PRI Gateway: SETU VTEP 1P
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