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A Nairobi based hotel is adorned with unique architecture and elegant décor along with personalized and affordable top quality facilities. The hotel has 109 spacious, tastefully designed rooms along with amenities like all-day dining restaurant, meeting rooms, gym, an outdoor swimming pool and a gift shop.

When the hotel owners had to choose a phone system for the property, numerous solutions were considered. The owners quickly settled on Matrix because of the company’s expertise in the hospitality industry.

The owners haven’t faced any issues since. The hotel’s Matrix IP-PBX has proven to be a cost-effective and a reliable solution. The installation of the system has streamlined the communication and now the staff members can answer guests’ queries from anywhere and offer immediate assistance.

INDUSTRY : Hospitality
CUSTOMER : Nairobi based Luxury Hotel

Opening a new hotel is a tedious process. Couple of challenges that every owner faces include management of countless moving parts, taking quick and right decisions and becoming flexible to embrace last minute changes. To lead the hospitality curve, the owner needs to ensure that the guests are offered quality and personalized services. The prime requisite for offering immediate and satisfactory services is perfect co-ordination amongst the staff members. An easy to use and advanced communication system can cater to the need of seamless communication.

Since the market is full of options for communication systems, picking the right system sometimes becomes tricky. Selecting a product from the range of Matrix Hospitality Solutions is considered to be an advisable move, since Matrix is known for offering cutting edge hospitality solutions.

A Nairobi based hotel also had the same requirements and they relied on Matrix Hospitality Solutions for streamlining communication.

The Nairobi based hotel with an aim of becoming one of the most popular hotels, was looking for an IP based hotel communication solution. They wanted a system that can interconnect with their PMS – Micros Opera, hospitality room phones, mobile extensions for staff mobility and radio interfaces for security personnel. The owners were looking for a system that could address communication needs of the mobile workforce. They needed a scalable and an open for integration communication system that can be easily configured to accommodate further development. The owners wanted the system installation to happen at low CAPEX (capital expenditure).

Considering the long line of features, latest technology, reliable engineering and top-notch quality, the hotel owners opted for Matrix Hospitality Solution. Matrix in association with its Nairobi based partner Tommaso Africa Limited, delivered the state-of-the-art hospitality solution.

Compatibility with the latest IP technology made the system suitable for streamlining communication in the entire hotel. Matrix provided
ETERNITY GE12SAC – IP PBX, a Single Universal Communication platform connecting 120 IP extensions, 16 CO lines and 4 GSM trunks.

Matrix offered complete hotel management software with built-in hospitality features like: Web-based Front Desk Management, Check-in/Check-out, Guest-in/Guest-out, Room Shift, Wake-up Calls and Reminders, Mini-bar, built-in Call Cost Calculation, Emergency Call Detection and more.

Matrix offered ready integration with third-party PMS. Matrix Platforms supported Certified Direct Interface with Micros-Fidelio PMS (Opera) through IP connection without any middleware.

Matrix SPARSH M2S is a mobile softphone application for Android/iOS that enabled staff members to use the standard mobiles as wireless service extensions. With this function, the guests can contact hotel staff and enjoy early assistance. More accessible hotel staff means faster service and better experience for the guests.

Matrix provided Multi-port Radio Interface (HF/UHF/VHF supportable) that allowed security staff to connect and co-ordinate with each other. This feature allowed the hoteliers to take the security of their premises a notch higher.

The results were evident. Matrix with its IP based hospitality PBX solution interconnected multi-vendor devices and technologies. Ever hotel staff – concierge, housekeeping and operators, are now ‘connected’ while on-the-move. Now, neither any guest requests remain unattended nor any call gets missed. Guests now enjoy a highly personalized experience from the time they make reservation till the time they check out.

Guests get a response on the first ring itself. Liberty to set the alarms and receive personalized greetings from the room phones has enhanced guests’ experience. Front desk executives can now monitor the room cleaning status. They can also check the reservation status, allocate guest privileges and fetch telephony and minibar charges to PMS from the centralized web interface. Security staff is now connected with each other through radio interface and the premises is now safer.

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