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INDUSTRY : Corporate
LOCATION : Jaipur, India

QDegrees, located in Jaipur, is one of the leading companies offering insight into the quality of customer care solutions. The company holds expertise in providing analysis reports of companies belonging to the domains of KPO, BPO, field operations, and market research.

The company procured a project of monitoring the quality of services offered by all the call center executives of leading mobile network operators. To avoid any discrepancies in the data, Employees of QDegrees themselves made the calls posing as customers. To ensure that calls landed on different agent’s extension numbers every single time, the employees had to call from other numbers.

Since their requirement was distinct they were looking for a solution that is based on the latest technology. They scouted the whole market to find an apt solution for their needs. After considering the capabilities of different products, they opted for Matrix Telecom solutions.

The company employees are satisfied with the product’s performance. Now, employees can call with different numbers from the same device.

The main aim of the company was to calculate the response time of the call center agents working for famous mobile network operators. They wanted to judge the way agents handled customers’ queries. Since the call centers had an arrangement of keeping track of all the calling numbers, the auditing company wanted that every time calls were made through a different number.

The company owners knew that making calls is a tedious process, especially through phones. Furthermore, with Analog phones, access to PBX features also gets limited. Therefore, the chairperson was keen to invest in a more convenient and easily accessible calling option. Being a pioneer solution provider company, the owners also wanted to leverage the advantages of the latest communication technology.

The experienced team of engineers at Matrix and DNR Enterprises studied all the requirements of QDegrees and tailored a solution with:

ETERNITY GENX12SAC: Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises
The company’s need of switching to the latest technology was sufficed with Matrix SARVAM UCS. The rugged platform combined with intelligent software offered the experience of UC features. The single solution offered the benefits of VOIP and GSM connectivity.

VARTA Professional License to Access PBX Features from Laptop/Smartphones
The VARTA Professional License improved the dialing ease of employees by allowing them to attend their extension from their laptops or smartphones. The license offered features such as Call Forward, Call Mute, Call Transfer, Audio Conference, and Video Call from handheld terminals. Access to all the intelligent call management features boosted productivity and accelerated the auditing process.

Web-based Centralized Management
Matrix Unified Communication solution offers centralized management, enabling the IT administrator to maintain and monitor the performance of the system, irrespective of the location. The intuitive interface for system management ensured minimum downtime.

Improved Convenience of the Entire Audit Process
Easy access to the call management features from a laptop/PC or Android/iOS-based smartphone while retaining the existing dialing habit made the process of continuous calling an easy feat.

Minimal Downtime
Web-based management of the communication platform ensured the least downtime and negligible communication breaks.

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