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Application : Advanced Access Control Solution with Palm Vein based Biometric Controllers
Users : 1000+
Industry : BFSI
Location : Ilford, East London, UK

Sovereign Safe provides deposit facilities that truly push the global standards of the safe deposit industry. With the very latest modular high compression steel vaults constructed and installed by specialist manufacturers, state-of-the-ar t biometric access with complete audit trail from electronic alarmed lockers, Sovereign stands unrivalled as a leader amongst any high-security facility anywhere in the world. No high street bank nor any safe deposit centre can match their credentials and the extraordinary security levels they have achieved.

People across the country have been targeted for their valuables, not only on the streets but also in their homes. Challenges were to offer complete peace of mind by delivering highest-level of security and access permission through various levels of security check (e.g. Card and Biometric Palm Vein Reader).

Matrix solved these challenges by providing Site Controller, Premium Door Controller, Unique Palm Vein Reader, RFID readers and a 2-Door Weigand Controller for fulfilling advanced access control needs. Matrix Access Control solution helps boost security through access control barriers and door controllers. The offered solution is designed to address security concerns in a professional and systematic method without compromising hospitality and productivity. It allows enrolling visitor’s Fingerprint/Palm Vein Reader/RFID Card to provide the visitor with access to the restricted area as per below criteria:

  • 2-Person Rule: User-based Access Control that requires at least two authorized people for access
  • Anti-Pass Back: Restricts the user to enter a secured area for the second time without leaving the area for the rst time
  • Route based Access: Allows access through the authorised route only
  • Access control Feature: Time zone wise Access Control for Visitors and Staff

  • Peace of mind
  • Seamless experience
  • Increase the Productivity of Staff
  • Quick Actions on Exceptions
  • Multi-layer Authentication
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • COSEC VEGA CAX integrated with turnstile – Card-based Door Controller
  • COSEC PVR DOOR CONTROLLER – Palm Vein Door Controller
  • COSEC PANEL LITE – Site Controller
  • COSEC PATH Series – Fingerprint and RFID Door Controllers
  • COSEC ARC DC100P – 2-Door Controller
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