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Application: Multi-location, VoIP Connectivity, VoIP-FXO-FXS Gateway
Industry: Construction
Location: Mumbai
Partner: Pineapple Technologies PVT LTD

The real estate division of a prominent Indian infrastructure and development conglomerate endeavors to create real estate ventures in the most vibrant and pulsating locales. Imbued in the essence of the firm’s heritage is a steadfast dedication to seamlessly fuse design aesthetics with state-of-the-art construction technology. The organization ardently pledges itself to the noble cause of ‘Nation Building,’ concurrently embracing an unwavering resolve to champion environmental sustainability. Their diverse portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, and social club undertakings, sprawling across the prominent metropolises of India.

A residential area spread across 15 towers (also including Lifts, Lobbies, and Clubhouse) needed to be connected for multiple services and telecommunication features. As a completely new project, they required:

  • Seamless IP connectivity across 15 towers in the residential area, ensuring 24×7 intercom accessibility for all residential buildings and common areas.
  • Advanced communication features, including Voice Paging, Group messaging, Call Logs, and Call recording (limited to Common areas). Additionally, integrate personal smartphones with the extended intercom system for enhanced user convenience.
  • Integrate the intercom system with a distress service to facilitate rapid safety evacuation procedures, enhancing the overall safety and security of the residential area.

In collaboration with Pineapple Technologies Pvt Ltd, Matrix crafted an all-encompassing telecom solution tailored for the esteemed Real Estate firm. This innovative solution guarantees seamless connectivity across multiple buildings, accompanied by a cutting-edge suite of communication features. The meticulously designed package comprises:

  • PRASAR UCS – SPARK200, an embedded IP-PBX (with redundancy), is strategically placed at the primary site, orchestrating a network of IP Phones seamlessly connected within the building.
  • At Wing 1, the SETU VFXTH0032, a VoIP-FXO-FXS gateway, has been positioned to facilitate the connectivity of multiple analog phones, ensuring efficient communication.
  • In Wing 2, the SETU VFXTH0024, a VoIP-FXO-FXS gateway, has been strategically positioned to enable seamless connectivity for multiple phones, mirroring the setup in Wing 1.
  • Alternate gateways, including SETU VFXTH0032 and VFXTH0024, were selectively employed based on specific requirements, effectively covering an additional 13 wings, along with lobbies, lifts, and a clubhouse, delivering a comprehensive solution.

The implemented solution seamlessly connected multiple wings, unifying communication on a single platform. Leveraging Matrix Telecom products, the real estate project embraced cutting-edge communication features, enhancing ease of connectivity, and aiding, safety and security throughout the residential estate.

The solution:

  • Ensuring flawless IP connectivity across 15 residential towers, including lifts, lobbies, and the clubhouse, the setup guarantees 24×7 intercom accessibility for all residential buildings and common areas. This is achieved through the integration of an Embedded IP PBX, VoIP-FXO-FXS Gateway, and IP/Analog Phones.
  • The VoIP-FXO-FXS, SETU VFXTH series gateways facilitated advanced communication features. Furthermore, seamless integration with personal smartphones extends the intercom functionality for added convenience.
  • The success of the project is contingent on the safety and security of residents and their assets. This vital aspect is guaranteed through the inclusion of distress services through effective communication, an integral feature of the Matrix Solution, ensuring the overall security of the estate.

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