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Application : Multi-Location, Time-Attendance Management, Face Recognition, Employee Self
Users: 10,000
Industry: Mining
Credential: Face
Location: Central Africa

A major player in the Central African mining sector, this corporation specializes in the exploration and production of copper and cobalt. With a significant cobalt deposit and extensive copper holdings, it is currently undergoing a substantial reorganization to position itself as a key global player in the mining industry. Forming strategic partnerships with major entities in the sector, both locally and internationally, it aims to strengthen its competitive position. A noteworthy project under consideration is geared towards an annual copper production of 200,000 tons, showcasing its commitment to growth and excellence in the global mining arena.

With the need for an improved attendance management solution across geographically dispersed mines and a large workforce, the client turned to Matrix for a solution. The specific challenge lay in centralizing attendance management and high-speed attendance marking for about 10,000 users across its different mines and headquarters. Matrix was engaged to address this issue, with the client seeking high-speed face-based attendance as the primary credential for attendance marking. The collaboration aimed to streamline and centralize attendance management seamlessly across diverse mine locations.

Matrix responded adeptly to the client’s pressing needs, fortifying their attendance management infrastructure. 

The challenges involved streamlining the attendance management concerns as mentioned below:

  • Need for Single Point of Employee Attendance Management
    The client, operating across various mining locations, faced difficulties in efficiently handling employee attendance. To address the challenges encountered by the mining conglomerate, there was a clear requirement to implement a centralized solution for streamlined and effective attendance management.
  • Need for Employee Portal
    Another issue that the client faced was an easy way of attendance and leave management, visible to their employees.
  • Rapid Identification of Mine Workers And Employees
    There was a critical demand for swift identification of employees and mine workers, an urgent necessity to expedite attendance processes.


Matrix efficiently met these needs, providing solutions that improved its client’s attendance management systems.

Matrix provided its Instant Face-based Time Attendance Management Solution to enable:

  • Centralized Attendance Management for Easy Employee Management
    Matrix provided a complete time attendance solution with centralized management capabilities. With a single point of employee attendance management, Matrix helped the client achieve smooth control over the attendance of employees from different mine locations.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal Providing Employees Quick Access to Leave and Attendance Management
    Alongside the time-attendance solution, Matrix provided its employee self-service portal solution to the client. This helped the client in providing their employees with easy ways to update their leaves as well as smoothened the ways to leave approval.
  • Instant Face Recognition for Uninterrupted Employee Identification
    Matrix installed COSEC ARGO FACE for achieving high-speed face recognition. With an instant recognition speed of less than 0.5 seconds using this device, Matrix helped the client achieve their requirement of high-speed face-based attendance. This made them capable of speeding up the attendance marking process across all their mine locations.

Matrix’s face-based Attendance Solution, coupled with an instant face recognition door controller helped the client achieve significantly improved attendance operations. This resulted in heightened operational efficiency throughout the organization.

Matrix effectively addressed the multifaceted challenges of a Central African mining entity, enhancing attendance management and employee engagement. Deploying the Instant Face-based Time Attendance Management Solution, Matrix not only centralized attendance management across diverse mine locations but also introduced an Employee Self-Service Portal. This portal facilitated easy leave and attendance management for employees, fostering transparency and efficiency. The integration of COSEC ARGO FACE ensured swift face recognition, reducing identification time to less than 0.5 seconds. The comprehensive solution significantly elevated operational efficiency, providing the mining company with streamlined attendance processes, improved employee interaction, and heightened overall organizational effectiveness.

Products Offered Description
COSEC ARGO FACE Instant Face Recognition Door Controller
COSEC CENTRA PLT  Platform-based User License
COSEC CENTRA TAM Time-Attendance User License
COSEC CENTRA ESS Employee Self-Service User License
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