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Consumer retention is a difficult race to participate in, especially when they do not shy away from trying multiple options available in the market. Key to succeed in this race is to quickly adapt with the needs of your buyer.

In present day, buyers demand product variety and consistent product supply with excellent quality. Food processing industries are no different when it comes to consumer retention. They too are taking every step to keep up with the supply/demand ratio and consistent food quality.

While there are machines and instruments that can assist in maintaining the consistency in food quality, keeping up with the constant product supply is relatively a complex problem to address.

Let us take a look at how the headquarter and four food processing units of a famous brand managed to organize the complex process of product supply.

The famous edible food manufacturing company, based out of West India, expanded its production capacity with four state-of-the-art processing units at different locations. Increase in the business demanded more and more product supply to the market which led the company to expand further. The major concern associated with expansion was to establish a continuous and error free communication among its processing unit, quality assurance labs, dispatch units, sales operations team and headquarters. Another concern was to make the most out of existing communication set-up as much as they can. After a thorough research and consultation it was decided that the company shall upgrade to Unified Communications to bring the units at different locations on a single platform. They basically wanted to unify their existing set-up over IP. The company personnel, post their thorough research, invested in Matrix Unified Communication solutions for this project.

To suffice their need of bringing head office, production factories and other distributed departments on a single communication platform, a Unified Communications server was installed at their head office. Addressing the fact that other four units already had traditional EPABX, Matrix VoIP Gateways were installed at these production units. This allowed the UC server at the head office to interface with the traditional EPABXs already installed at each of the four units. Now users across all locations were connected with each other just like they were across their existing premise.

The solution thus provided by Enkay solutions, an authorized Matrix partner, improved product supply management.This was managed with quick and efficient communication between production units and the head office. As a result, better and faster delivery of raw materials, quick exchange of production status thereby quick exchange of products as required and rapid delivery of the finished goods was made possible.

As all communication platforms came on the same VoIP network, the entire process of placing/attending external and internal calls became an easy feat, reduced complexity. Faster and better connect between the employees led to better functioning at all levels of the company. It also made sure that all defined processes were followed without glitches, ultimately improving efficiency.

Easy migration over VoIP, a shift to the trending VoIP technology was achieved despite using the old EPABXs which had no IP connectivity option. This ensured no expenditure was required over buying and installing a new IP-PBX device.

Lastly and most importantly, communication over VoIP network greatly reduced telephony costs, thereby saving the cost of paying other service providers. Calling over the internet elongated call timings to no limitation, at almost no virtual cost.

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