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Matrix Unified communications as a service

Unified communication (UC&C) solutions help organizations provide their employees with real-time access to services such as conferencing, data sharing, messaging, and phone communications from several devices, thereby improving and streamlining business processes. Integration with the latest technologies with UC has greatly helped organizations to change the face of their communication systems.

Virtual assistants, bots and other means that emphasize on machine-to-human interaction have given a better response time in order to provide a great customer experience. Enterprises strive to bring AI capabilities into their UC platform and IoT has enabled integration of communication devices and data. Large enterprises have witnessed rapid adoption of Unified Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) platform, a cloud delivery model that combines multiple channels of communication such as voice, text, chat, and e-mail, thereby offering a bundled solution. In accordance with this, the coming years will see a revolution in telecommunications as well as UC & C products and solutions in India.

There are a number of factors that drive the market of UC&C products and solutions in the country even during the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are their simplified deployment models, improved scalability, lower telephony costs, reliability and flexibility to support multi-national communication systems. In some of the parts of enterprises and organizations, UC&C is gradually treated as an alienable part of their overall IT infrastructure owing to its remarkable benefits. But, obviously, there is a room for more education on the reasons behind this choice.

As the communication industry continues the digital evolution, changes are taking place at varying speeds. Smarter communication systems are required to cater to the needs of the diversified roles of employees in an organization. Flexible device usage and round the clock connectivity is required by the employees for their communication convenience.

UC&C solution offers collaboration, messaging and mobility by bringing diverse users from multiple locations to a common communication platform. And surely, it is not just an IP-PBX platform with some software intelligence built into it. But it is both, an amalgamation of an IP-PBX platform as well as a truly versatile software-defined communication.

For example, with Matrix UC Solutions, the users have the option of using either on-demand Smart Video IP Deskphone or VARTA Software application on smartphones, tablets of their choice. With Universal connectivity and advanced call management, Matrix Unified Communication Server – SARVAM improves organization agility and productivity.

Large Enterprises require a UC solution that can provide them a single platform for their multi-locational branches. Owing to hardware limitations, these large enterprises generally opt for software PBXs that provide them scalability and hardware independence. These software PBXs offer easy data recovery, unified messaging, uninterrupted communication, one-touch configuration, built-in auto attendant and voicemail, mobility and utilization of legacy infrastructure.

One such solution offered by Matrix is ANANT Unified Communication Software that connects all the employees on a single platform. The employees can connect from anywhere at any time by installing Matrix VARTA Application on Laptops /Tablets /PCs /Smartphones devices of their choice. It has SSL security definition for thwarting cyber attacks and operates on Linux which offers its own firewall system for complete security.

Owing to the current situation of Coronavirus Pandemic, SMEs have also started taking UC&C seriously. Hardware platforms have limitations but they work wonders in India’s SME entities as hardware based platforms are cost-effective. Matrix PRASAR UCS is an Enterprise IP based Unified Communication Server that connects internal and external decision makers at multiple locations for effective communication and real-time collaboration. Being a pure IP solution, PRASAR UCS is a single box solution, which is scalable upto 2100 users and is apt as per the future communication needs of the organization. It unifies communication mediums to simplify the daily workflow of a business enterprise and increase their response time.

There is an increasing interest in Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions among customers across all business segments now, including enterprise-size organizations. This interest is being driven by a combination of advances in technology, applications, and deployment choices — including private and public cloud offerings, hybrid options, team messaging, team collaboration and mobile applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, as well as embedding business processes and applications with communications applications and technology. Recent forecast data highlights that the worldwide UC&C market is to increase to $48.3 billion in 2023. Enterprises are switching towards Pure IP UC&C products and systems or if their existing PBXs are IP, then they are looking forward to software-based PBXs in order to expand their footprints.

UCaaS has taken firmer roots in the Indian Market as it provides workforce collaboration, communication, mobility and unified messaging. Numerous benefits of UCaaS have led enterprises to adopt a UC environment and completely turn their IT infrastructure into UCaaS.

Ready to pave your way towards a UC solution? Connect on 1800-258-7747 or Email us to know more about Unified Communication solutions.

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