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Network Video Recorders

The rate at which digital and physical worlds are combining post-covid is huge. Where large enterprises are taking advantage of surveillance technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and video analytics. Likewise, small and medium enterprises are also not behind in the run. Adapting to technological advancements such as smart analytics and other smart features is becoming increasingly common. Getting small and medium scale enterprises on this road there is a huge contribution of surveillance devices like IP cameras and network video recorders that offer edge analytics to these enterprises. 

IP surveillance gives an edge here by letting people configure the scenarios and pre-defining the triggers at multiple places. These scenarios can be configured both at the IP camera level as well as the Network Video Recorders level. Giving security personnel leverage in monitoring the premises. Let us learn more about how network video recorders have made surveillance smarter for small-medium enterprises.


New-Age Video Recorders are coming with a higher channel capacity. Also, they are offering the flexibility to monitor multiple locations centrally. Small and Medium enterprises can take benefit of such features if they plan to take their business on a global scale or expand their business in multiple locations. In particular, Matrix Network Video Recorders offer cascading – a smart feature that lets enterprises monitor multiple locations by connecting network video recorders with each other in master and slave hierarchy. Thereby, decreasing the time consumed to make decisions and act instantly. 

Choice in Retention of Recording

Yes! Modern network video recorders are offering the choice to select the number of days for which the recording can be fetched from the IP camera. This results in optimum utilization of the storage. For instance, if the premise for which the storage needs to be fetched has got less activity in the video footage then, the recording personnel can decide the number of days for which the recording can be skipped. Whereas, for the premise where the movement of people is high like the reception desk. The recording can be fetched for the maximum number of days. Therefore, optimum utilization of storage is done. Small and medium enterprises can save their resources and make surveillance smarter. 

Adaptive Recording

Bandwidth is one of the important aspects when it comes to surveillance. Higher resolution video footage requires a higher bandwidth speed in order to get the scenario details clearly. Also, this leads to higher storage consumption. But, with each passing day, video surveillance is getting smarter. Network video recorders are coming up with modernistic features like adaptive recording. On enabling the feature, on no movement in the scenario the network video recorder automatically drops the bandwidth rate while recording and vice versa. As a result, there is both bandwidth optimization and storage optimization which results in cost-cutting.


Small and medium enterprises are looking to constantly upgrade their security. Hence, shifting from one brand to another can become costly. Also, devices that are not designed in conformance with open platforms limit their operations only to the parent brand. But, with smart surveillance technologies, the modern video recorders are designed to operate with the parent brand as well as the third-party devices making it easier for enterprises to shift to surveillance that is more flexible.

Well, these are just a few of the features which make modern network video recorders a smarter surveillance choice for your enterprise. Apart from being smart, these recording devices are reliable and offer consistent performance without much downtime. 

Now, getting the right recorder that optimizes your processes can be time-consuming as the market is filled with products that are rich in features as well as have a heavy price tag to them. So, how to get the right video recorder for your business needs. Getting in touch with the experts in this arena would be the right choice. One of the leading experts in the surveillance industry is Matrix Comsec – solution expert with over 3 decades of experience. Get in touch with our experts by writing them down at

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