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Data Centres

Data centres are a centralized storehouse, physical or virtual, for storage, management and dissemination of data and information pertaining to a particular organization. Hence, organizations are very careful with respect to protecting their data. This is where security of data centres comes in. When an organization is to choose data centres for storing its important data and information, security becomes the topmost criterion during the selection process. Matrix brings to you a solution that ensures security of your data centre.

Let us discuss the problems that are faced in data centres with respect to security.

Unauthorized access to data centre
Data stolen or accessed by competitors

Matrix’s Solution
Matrix has come up with an Access Control solution that can enhance security of your data centres. Let highlight the features of this solution:

• Centralized biometric authentication
Every user is allowed to access their respective zones through biometric authentication. As soon as the user has his or her credentials identified, a selection of accessible racks is displayed on a computer screen. Once the user selects a particular rack, only then will the user be granted access.

• Pre-defined rack access allowed
Every company has designated racks allotted to them. A user will be shown on the computer screen the racks that he or she is allowed access to and can select accordingly.

• Integration with video surveillance
The access control device can be integrated with video surveillance. Hence, when a user displays his or her credentials at the biometric device, an image is captured. In case of unauthorized access, having an image can prove helpful.

• Rack accessible for a defined time period
Every rack that is allocated to a company can only be accessed for a defined period of time.

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