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Is your Sensitive Information at Data Centre SECURED and SAFE?

Do Correct Hands have Access to your Information at Data Centre?

Is Access to the Sensitive Information at Data Centres controlled SMARTLY?

Nowadays, safety and security of enormous and sensitive information at Data Centres is significantly a  prime challenge. Usually, Data Centres store a gigantic amount of highly sensitive information belonging to more than one organization. Hence, it is very vital for the Data Centres to prevent any unauthorized access of data to unauthorized users.  In order to eradicate all security glitches in such a sensitive domain, binding of strategic access control along with well-engineered unlocking mechanism attests to be a boon. The prerequisites that resolve the major challenges perceived at Data Centres are:

  • Controlling Access to Data Centres: IT personnel, housekeeping staff and employees ought to gain access to specified zones and particular time. Their access routes should be planned beforehand in order to avoid commotion at peak working hours, and in turn to prevent any mishap. As Data Centres comprise of information belonging to more than one organization, it is mandatory to restrict access to users to their allotted data racks at specific time duration only. This safeguards highly sensitive data of other organizations.
  • Validation and Verification of Authenticity of Users: Each and every entry/exit of the users gaining access should be scrutinized by stringent and foolproof authentication levels such as biometric authentication. This assures the authenticity of the users accessing Data Centres with real-time event log.
  • Robust, Perceptive and Smart Unlocking of Data Racks: The unlocking mechanism of the data racks plays a vital role pertaining to security at Data Racks. This electronic unlocking system should be robust as well as prompt when triggered to unlock/lock within the stipulated time. Moreover, this mechanism should be smart with sensor monitoring, low power consumption and ease of third-party integrations. Wholly, this solution when caters all its prerequisites, turn out to be a smart and advantageous solution!
  • Real-time Notifications: Data Centres, being a highly sensitive domain, demands alertness round-the-clock. This can be enhanced with real-time Email and SMS notification to act promptly in exceptional situations such as vandalism, theft and emergency situations.

Hence, there are certain requisites that necessitate and ensure the safety of sensitive data and 24X7 security at Data Centres. This is perhaps possible by selection of comprehensive and flexible access control solution that is capable of structuring stringent access control policies along with robust and smart unlocking mechanism to guarantee that rack is accessed by authorized personnel.

Southco – a trusted global leader in Engineered Touch Point solutions unites with Matrix – a pioneer in Security solutions, to offer an explicit solution whereby security and safety at the Data Centres is not compromised. This association renders and resolves all security challenges related to controlling access faced by Data Centres.

Matrix Access Control system is a comprehensive and flexible access control solution by which data racks are biometrically secured with records of every access along with its duration. The only authorized person can get access to the specific rack for the stipulated time using biometric verification.

Southco’s Electronic Locking solution features an efficient microprocessor controlled gear motor design that ensures minimal power consumption and provides intelligent locking and monitoring capabilities. Hence, the amalgamation of these splendid solutions results in extraordinary and vastly beneficial end customer solution.

About Southco:

Southco believes first impressions are critical. From quality and performance to aesthetics and ergonomics, we know small touches make a big difference. That’s why the people of Southco are passionate about connecting with our customers to create innovative engineered access hardware solutions aimed at enhancing the “touch points” of our customers’ products. Together, we seek to leverage our global resources and deliver customers proven solutions, while reducing the overall cost and cycle time of the project.

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