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Annora Pharma Pvt. Ltd., based in India, is one of the subsidiaries of Hetero Drugs Ltd. The company was established in 2015 to fulfil the B2B and end customers’ need of industry leading chemicals.

INDUSTRY : Manufacturing
CUSTOMER : Annora Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Annora Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has three buildings in its campus: two production units and one security unit. They wanted to have seamless connectivity between these buildings and the head office.

The prime requirement of Annora Pharma Pvt. Ltd. was to connect third party PBX installed at the Head Office with Matrix IP-PBX deployed at the Branch Offices. Furthermore, they wanted mobility extension for the employees of production unit. They required an operator console, using which the attendant can transfer calls to desired station by pressing a single button.

Matrix, working along with regional channel partner โ€“ Select Engineering and Systems, Hyderabad, understood the requirement of the customer and delivered ETERNITY ME16SAC with Gateway license, SETU VFXTH0032 and EON48 โ€“ Feature-rich Digital Key Phone with DSS16X4.

ETERNITY ME16SAC as a Universal Media Gateway Solution
Since both the production units are located at distance of few hundred meters, a common IP-PBX was deployed for both the offices. Gateway license was activated in ETERNITY ME16SAC to avail the facilities of Gateway from the IP-PBX. Furthermore, ETERNITY ME16SAC was connected with third party PBX installed at the Head Office over IP.

SPARSH M2S a Mobile Application
SPARSH M2S is a mobile application supported on Android and iOS platform. The mobility solution sufficed the field employees’ need of quick connectivity with the in-office employees, making their smartphones their desk extension. The solution redefined communication experience for field workers by giving them one-touch access to features such as Presence Sharing, Conference, Video Calling and more.

SETU VFXTH0032 as a VOIP to FXS Gateway Solution
Security unit had no communication solution deployed, henceforth, establishing internal connectivity within the Branch Offices and with the Head Office became a problem. SETU VFXTH0032 – Fixed VOIP-FXO-FXS Gateway was offered to fulfil this requirement. 30 Analog extensions were connected over SETU VFXTH0032 to connect in-office employees with the Head Office and other branches. Other two PBXs were connected with the Gateway to leverage the benefits of placing calls through IP network.

EON48S โ€“ Feature-rich Digital Key Phone with DSS16x4 Operator Console
EON48S connected with DSS16X4 operator console was offered to fulfil the requirement of transferring the call on pressing only a button. DSS16X4 is equipped with 64 Direct Station Selection keys, making call transferring an easy job. Furthermore, there is a series of BLF (Busy Lamp Field) keys indicating employees’ presence status helping the attendant to route calls accordingly.

  • Anywhere, Anytime Connectivity
  • Faster Decision Making and Smooth Workflow
  • Reduced Communication Cost
  • Transparency of Features Between Two Different PBXs
  • Reduced Communication Delays
  • Improved Productivity
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