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Best Western Plus hotel is a paradise of enchantment with unique location and peaceful environment. The hotel has 46 rooms adorned with world-class amenities and architecture.

INDUSTRY : Hospitality
CUSTOMER : Nigeria based Luxury Hotel
LOCATION : Ibadan, Owo State, Nigeria

Every hotelier wants to carve a niche for his hotel in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Offering enhanced services to guests remains the key to mark the presence on the hospitality landscape. Enriching guests’ experience requires installation of technological products such as advanced communication solution.

Timely response to the guests is necessary for improving guest’s satisfaction level. Therefore, finding the right communication solution is important for any hotelier. Since there are many aspects that govern selection of a communication system, selecting an ideal solution becomes a tedious task. To avoid the lengthy process of going through many solutions, settling with Matrix Hospitality solution is advisable.

Best Western Plus hotel based in Nigeria had similar concerns and they entrusted Matrix solutions for streamlining their communications.

Best Western Plus hotel was looking for a universal connectivity communication solution. They wanted a system that can offer them with built-in advanced hospitality features, GSM connectivity and Mobility features.

The hotel was looking for a solution to place/attend calls without any wired connectivity and help receptionist contact mobile staff to inform the guests’ service requests. Furthermore, they required a solution where receptionists can enter all the guest details, services availed by them, guest’s check-in/check-out details and more, at the ease of a single click. The hotelier wanted a phone at reception, so that the receptionists can easily attend guest’s service requests and assign the same to responsible staff.

Matrix, working along with its esteemed channel partner Krometek Nigeria, understood the pain areas and tailored a solution keeping ETERNITY GE12SAC โ€“ the IP-PBX for Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity, at the center.

ETERNITY GE12SAC – Universal Communication Platform
Specialized hotel Analog phones were already installed in all the guest rooms of the hotel. They wanted to use GSM SIMs and SIP trunks for making external calls. Therefore, Matrix offered its best in class hospitality PBX – ETERNITY GE12SAC that supports up to 240 Analog extensions, 64 GSM SIMs, 500 IP users and 16 VOIP trunk ports to cater to their demand of connectivity of different networks from a single platform.

Wireless Connectivity with 4 GSM SIMs and 16 VOIP Channels
Four GSM SIMs and 16 SIP trunks were inserted in ETERNITY GE12SAC to serve the hotelier’s need of wireless connectivity. Routing calls through GSM or SIP trunks resulted in improved communication convenience and reduced call costs.

Matrix Front Desk Management Wizard for Quality Guest Services
Matrix Front Desk Management Wizard is a comprehensive solution, offering a whole line of hospitality features such as:

  • Guest Check-in/Check-out
  • Set/Cancel Wake-up Calls
  • Block/Allow Room-to-room Dialing
  • Set/Cancel DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • Room Occupancy Status
  • Room Clean Status
  • Generate Bills and Print Reports

Using this wizard, receptionists can manage every guests’ detail from a single screen. Thus, the feature eliminates the hotelier’s need of purchasing separate applications from different vendors and hence saving the investment.

Special Application Digital Phones for Reception and Front Desk
Reception/front desk at any hotel is the one, which receives maximum call traffic as guests asking for assistance or room service and customers enquiring about the room availability, calls there only. Therefore, sometimes call management becomes a difficult task for the receptionists. Matrix offered feature-rich Digital Phones with Operator Consoles at the reception to help them manage heavy influx conveniently and uplift guest’s convenience.

SPARSH M2S – Android/iOS Mobile Extension for the Hotel Staff
SPARSH M2S gives mobile workforce one-touch access to the PBX features and allows them to assist guests from any location. Conveniently accessible staff means enhanced customer services, which helps in converting one-time visitors to loyal guests.

It is a known fact that reliable and robust communication is one of the most important components defining any hotel’s success. Since the Nigeria based luxury hotel trusted on field-proven solutions from Matrix, they got results which included:

Improved Connectivity between Staff Members
With SPARSH M2S โ€“ Android/iOS smartphone Mobility Extension, mobile hotel staff can be contacted easily. With the Presence sharing functionality, availability of the staff can be noted. Because of this, the staff present on that floor can be assigned the service request leading to immediate guest assistance and enhanced experience.

Enhanced Guest Services
Since the management of guest services was done through a consolidated interface, serving them became an easy task for the hotel staff. With Digital Phones at the reception, answering queries of guests became easier, helping receptionists offer full-fledged information even while managing heavy inflow of the calls.

Reduced Telephony Costs
A single platform with multiple trunk capacity helped the hotelier route calls through any of the trunks, mainly through GSM or VOIP. Furthermore, the smart feature of Least Cost Routing helped reduce call costs by routing calls through the most cost-effective trunk, for example: mobile calls through GSM and other calls through VOIP. Also, Matrix offered the Front Desk Management software with built-in hospitality features, which sufficed the need of reception application and save the cost of additional software for front desk activities.

With improved mobility and streamlined hotel operations, guests can now enjoy timely assistance and enhanced experience. Hotel staff is now available for the guests at a single call. Issues are resolved immediately, leading to better services and customer delight. User-friendly front desk management gives expertise in routine operations, giving the hotel an edge over other players.

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