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INDUSTRY : Market Research
CUSTOMER : InfodriveIndia

InfodriveIndia collects 20 million import and export transactions from Indian ports every month. Customized reports are sent to companies helping them monitor their operations.

To spread word about their business, the company needed to send bulk text messages. In the new arena of IP telephony, the company wanted a cost-effective solution to connect their in-office workers with the field employees.

Due to current TRAI regulations, there is a limit of sending 100 messages from any SIM. The working pattern of the company meant many employees would be out in the field and hence couldn’t be a part of internal communication. The company kept on pilling up the telephony cost due to continuous calling from Analog networks to GSM network.

Matrix, along with its channel partner Corporate Telesystems Pvt. Ltd., offered a solution that catered to the needs of InfodriveIndia. Matrix offered ETERNITY GE12SAC โ€“ scalable GSM/3G to VOIP Gateway with SMS Gateway and SMS Server license enabled. ETERNITY GE12SAC is a Gateway scalable up to 40 GSM channels. ETERNITY GE12SAC offers call routing through GSM network, saving the telephony costs.

Furthermore, Mobile App SPARSH M2S was offered to connect mobile workers with the in-office employees. SPARSH M2S redefines business telephony experience by offering one-touch access to intelligent call management features such as Conference, Comprehensive Call Handling, Global Directory Integration and Voice Mail.

Reduce Telephony Costs by Placing all Calls through GSM Network
Since the outbound calls were routed through GSM network, delay in communication was reduced. Improved connectivity between office employees and field employees automated the decision making process.

Smoothen Communication and Reduce Telephony Costs
Using IP telephony of VOIP network, InfodriveIndia saved telephony costs on every call made. Scalable system with minimum investment offered IP telephony features like Three-digit Calling, Conference, Call Transfer and Call Forking.

Third-party Integration to Send Bulk Messages
Matrix IP-PBX offers a platform where companies can integrate easily with the third-party software to fulfill their distinct requirements. InfodriveIndia used this facility and integrated third-party software with ETERNITY GE12SAC. With SMS server, SMS Gateway license and third party integration, InfodriveIndia sent bulk messages and improved their image in the market.

Delivered Mobility to the Field Workers
Mobile Softphone SPARSH M2S empowered field workers to access the PBX features right from their mobile devices. With features like Corporate Directory Integration and Dial by Name, field workers were able to connect with the office workers from any location and at any time. Furthermore, enhanced collaboration with Video Calling, Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging and Voice Mail features boosted employees’ efficiency.

Remote Management of Communication System with Web based GUI
With the Web based Remote Management feature, system can be managed by the IT administrator from any place through any device.

  • Continuous Internal Communication Increased Employees’ Productivity
  • Sending Bulk Messages Improved Company’s Brand Value and Widened the Clientele
  • Seamless Connectivity through Corporate Directory Access and Instant Messaging Feature of SPARSH M2S – Mobile Softphone
  • Remote Support with Web based GUI Increased the Reach of IT Department
  • Minimized Upfront Cost as no License Required for Activation of Matrix SPARSH M2S – Mobile Softphone Application
  • Reduction in Telephony Costs with IP enabled Matrix SPARSH M2S
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