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Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world with around 13,000 restaurants operating in 100 countries. In India, there are more than 150+ outlets.

Burger King has established over 150+ outlets in India. The organization was facing several issues regarding attendance management of 70+ outlets from a central location in Mumbai. Majority of the staff has no shift assigned, but are still required to complete stipulated work hours on a daily basis for having a full day present marked. This resulted in difficulties in tracking and maintaining record of employees’ working time who works at a different location other than head-office. Moreover, manual attendance corrections and salary process were time-consuming and resulted in errors.

Matrix offered web based COSEC Time-Attendance solution for 30+ locations with biometric fingerprint based terminals. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance provides flexibility in attendance marking option and ease for calculating accurate working hours in a day. Generation of Time-Attendance reports and charts with overtime for faster and accurate salary calculation, has been offered. Matrix COSEC Time Attendance solution provides seamless integration with HRM Software and has facilitated timely and accurate salary processing

  • Improved Productivity with Accurate Attendance Calculation
  • Quick and Easy Salary Calculations
  • COSEC DOOR FOT: Fingerprint based Time-Attendance Terminal
  • COSEC CENTRA LE: Web based Application Software for 1000 Users, Expandable up to One Million Users
  • COSEC LE TAM: Time-Attendance and Leave Management Module for COSEC CENTRA LE
  • COSEC LE ESS: Employee Self Service Portal for Attendance Management for COSEC CENTRA LE
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