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This Cash Management Solutions company based in Riyadh – KSA, is one of the leading players providing customized cash solutions to Banks, CITS, and Corporates. They manage the company’s end-to-end cash receivables and payables to facilitate effective business operations. Their multi-site installations across Riyadh make cash handling faster, safer, and more effcient.

Being a company involved in cash management its facilities are vulnerable to various crimes like theft, fire, cyber vulnerabilities and many more. It is therefore important to have complete control over who has access to their premises, and detecting suspicious activities at an early stage to be able to initiate corrective measures.

To combat the security challenges Close to 300 IP Cameras and 35 Door Controllers were deployed across its facility. However, the entire infrastructure of security systems was scattered and it was difficult to monitor all the devices centrally from their Head Office leading to security loopholes which if left unaddressed could lead to major security breach.

The biggest road block for implementing centralized control of the devices was that the solutions available in the market required them to invest in both Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Video Management Software (VMS) which was turning out to be expensive.

Further, all the systems installed were at least 8 years old and most of the components were outdated. Integrating them with the latest Network Video recorders was difficult. This meant that they would have to replace the existing devices with the latest, further adding to the total cost.

To keep a record of who had access to the premises and at what time it was essential to have a robust time-Attendance system for the organization.

Matrix experts helped the company build a robust security infrastructure with the help of Matrix Access Control and Video Surveillance solutions to give them a better coverage of the premises and access points.

To integrate all the security systems, instead of investing separately in Video Management Software and servers a cost effective solution of installing Matrix SATATYA Enterprise Network Video Recorder (ENVR) was suggested. It has an inbuilt Video Management Software with required licences and permissions thereby serving the purpose of both NVR and VMS.

Matrix ENVRs can integrate seamlessly with full range of Matrix IP Cameras and Devices, third party devices and ONVIF conformant cameras. The company was able to integrate all its old and new peripheral security devices into the Enterprise NVR thereby, enabling the organization to manage all its security devices without having to invest in replacing the old, outdated system.

The comprehensive systems allowed seamless integration between Access Control and CCTV cameras with a single monitoring application. They were now able to record every entry and exit happening on their premises. Additionally, with the integration of the systems they able to detect and get timely notifications when events like intrusion, movement, tripwire, fire were detected with video POP-UP alerts in case of exceptions.

Robust security system of any organization is largely dependent on controlling who has access to the premises and keeping a watch on the occurrences of the events happening within the premises. Access Control features clubbed with Video Surveillance ensures that the premise is completely secure. It is also possible to use advanced access control features like mantrap, 2-person rule and first-in rule.

Time-Attendance Solution from Matrix allowed them to generate accurate monthly attendance reports of employees.

With the integrated CCTV and Access control solution, the client doesnโ€™t have to opt for a different application to monitor the system. With features like video POP-Ups and email notifications they are updated in real-time in case of any exceptions this aids in faster response time.

The company is happy with the enterprise video surveillance solution provided by Matrix as it is user-friendly and gives them centralized control over all their devices.


SATATYA NVR25608XCTS 256 Channel Enterprise Range Server Grade NVR with 4K Support and 8HDD Slots
SATATYA NVR03208XCTS 32 Channel Enterprise Range Server Grade NVR with 4K Support and 8HDD Slots


COSEC Panel 200 Site Controller
COSEC ARC DC200P Door Controller
COSEC ATOM RD100M Smart Readers
COSEC ARC IO800 Input Output Controller
COSEC VEGA CAX with Mifare CPM Door Controller
COSEC CENTRA PLT License Dongle Application Server Platform
COSEC PLT100 Application Server Platform for 100 Users
COSEC ACM100 Access Control Solution Module
COSEC TAM100 Time-Attendance Solution Module
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