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The objective of the ATM vendor is to serve as a unifier to provide access to the basic banking services across all demographic and geographic divides. The customer was contracted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to deploy White Label ATMs (WLAs) in India. WLAs are not required to have bank branding and can only be operated by companies that have been fully approved by the Reserve Bank of India. Security is the most critical aspect RBI considered while awarding the contracts. This company has a forecast to deploy 9,000 ATMs in India over 3 years.

  • Locations Secured: 200+
  • Total Locations: 9000
  • Hybrid Video Recorders: 200+
  • IR Dome Cameras: 400+
  • IR Bullet Cameras: 100+
  • Software: Matrix SATATYA Device Monitor, Centralized Management
  • Centralized management with limited bandwidth of 32Kbps available at remote locations.
  • Installation and service of devices and cameras at 200+ remote locations across India in a fast track manner.
  • Central Monitoring and Management of all the Locations
  • Central Notification for Important Events like Camera Disconnection, Storage Alert, Recording Status in Real-time
  • Timely Installation and Service at all Locations
  • Number of days of Data Storage as per Government Regulations
  • Matrix provided a Hybrid Video Recorder at all the locations to keep a provision to replace Analog with IP cameras in future.
  • Trained 550+ Matrix channel partners across India made installations quick and professional.
  • For central monitoring of all the devices and cameras at low bandwidth, Matrix offered a notification management software which offered bitwise information about events like number of devices online, number of devices in which motion has been detected, number of devices in which recording has been stopped, camera wise view tamper, recording alert, video loss, storage status, etc. For ease in monitoring, the indication was shown with different color codes.
  • Provision to search and export the event logs in excel format was provided as proof for future investigation.
  • CMS software was provided to view video from camera wherever bandwidth was available or on occurrence of a critical event.

  • Centralized security control of each ATM.
  • Customer achieves target of expanding 200-300 ATMs monthly across India.
  • Centralized notification of any event across India.
  • Functioning status of all the cameras and devices was known centrally.
  • Enhanced Security with Centralized Management
  • Reduced Security Manpower Cost at each Location
  • Reduced Recurring Cost of Bandwidth
  • Centralized Procurement with Easy and Smooth Execution
SATATYA HVR0408S: 4 Analog Channels, 8 IP Channels, Total 8 Channel Hybrid Video Recorder with 6TB Storage and NAS Support
SATATYA CADR700FL36CW 700TVL IR Dome Analog Camera with 3.6mm Fixed Lens
SATATYA CABR700FL36CW 700TVL IR Bullet Analog Camera with 3.6mm Fixed Lens
SATATYA Device Monitor Monitoring Application that requires less Bandwidth to Centrally view the Health Status of Multiple Devices
SATATYA Centralized Monitoring Software (CMS) Central Management of Cameras connected across Multiple Locations in Combination as per Priority.
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