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Application: Time and Attendance Management
Industry: Power Utility
Credential: Face
Location: India, Multi-Location

Being a big name within the power industry, this Indian power giant is a prominent public sector power utility company in India. It specializes in hydropower generation and allied activities, operating under the Ministry of Power, Government of India. With a focus on clean, sustainable, and affordable power, the company has completed multiple large-scale hydroelectric projects, contributing significantly to India’s energy sector.

The major challenge that this power giant faced was major issues in their existing time and attendance management solution provided by a competitor. The issues included difficulties in managing shifts, resulting in confusion and errors in shift assignments. Additionally, the face recognition feature of the system experienced delays, leading to prolonged response times and potential discrepancies in attendance records. These challenges hindered operational efficiency, impacted employee productivity, and necessitated the adoption of a more robust and reliable attendance management solution.

They were facing several challenges with their existing time and attendance management solution. One of the major issues was the inefficiency in managing roaster shifts. The existing system struggled to effectively handle and update employee schedules, resulting in confusion and errors in shift assignments. This led to disruptions in work continuity and hindered optimal resource utilization.

Another significant challenge was the delay in face recognition within the attendance system. The existing solution experienced prolonged response times, affecting the efficiency of the overall attendance management process. Employees had to wait longer for their attendance to be recorded, resulting in unnecessary delays and potential discrepancies in attendance records.

These challenges not only created operational inefficiencies but also had a direct impact on employee productivity and satisfaction. It became crucial for them to address these issues and find a robust and reliable attendance management solution that could streamline roster shift management and provide swift, accurate face recognition capabilities.

Matrix played a pivotal role in addressing all their concerns and resolving the challenges they faced with their attendance management system. Matrix provided a comprehensive and tailored solution for their concerns. Firstly, Matrix implemented a highly efficient roster shift management module that streamlined the process of scheduling and updating employee shifts. This eliminated confusion and errors, ensuring smooth workflow continuity.

Additionally, Matrix’s advanced face recognition technology significantly improved attendance recording speed, surpassing their expectations. The swift and accurate face recognition capabilities provided a seamless and hassle-free experience for employees, saving valuable time and eliminating delays.

Furthermore, Matrix diligently worked on resolving the issues faced by the client’s previous attendance management solution. Through meticulous analysis and customization, they addressed each problem, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability. This proactive approach from Matrix allowed the client to experience a notable boost in overall efficiency.

By leveraging Matrix’s expertise, the power giant was able to overcome its worries regarding roaster shift management, face recognition delays, and other previous issues. The successful implementation of Matrix’s solution not only resolved these concerns but also provided them with a robust and future-proof time and attendance management system that met their specific requirements and exceeded their expectations.

This Indian Power Giant’s collaboration with Matrix yielded remarkable outcomes, overcoming time and attendance management challenges and driving operational efficiency. Matrix’s innovative roster shift management module streamlined scheduling, eliminating errors and enhancing resource allocation. The integration of cutting-edge face recognition technology accelerated attendance recording, saving time and elevating employee satisfaction.

Matrix’s proactive approach to addressing existing issues showcased its commitment to tailored solutions, boosting overall efficiency and functionality. This collaboration future-proofed their time and attendance management system, aligning it with evolving needs. The successful implementation not only resolved challenges but also positioned them as a technology-driven leader in the power utility sector, showcasing their commitment to productivity and excellence.

Products Offered Description
COSEC ARGO FACE Face-based Door Controller
COSEC VEGA BBU Battery Backup
COSEC CENTRA PLT1000 Platform License for 1000 Users
COSEC CENTRA TAM1000 Time-Attendance User License
COSEC CENTRA FR1000 Face Recognition User License 
COSEC CENTRA ESS1000 Employee Self-Service User License
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