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Application: Access Control, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management
Industry: BPO and Medical Transcription
Credential: Face, Fingerprint, and RFID Card
Location: Multi-Location

As one of the leading business process outsourcing organizations established in 1999, our client has been instrumental in revolutionizing global business practices for enhanced efficiency and value. Operating across three continents and three countries, the company offers diverse business support services. It has diligently trained professionals to deliver high-quality services in the US, Canadian, and Australian markets, setting it apart in the industry.

The organization was confronted with a series of pressing challenges. First and foremost, there was a need to implement shift-based access control to restrict unauthorized entry outside of designated shifts. Additionally, distinguishing between employees and visitors, including interviewees and vendors, at the main gate posed considerable challenges, impacting overall access management. The effective management of both subscriber and non-subscriber staff within the canteen became another hurdle, significantly affecting canteen operations. Moreover, difficulties in overseeing events, particularly concerning HRMS integration, were apparent due to the high volume of entries during specific shift times. Addressing these challenges became imperative to enhance security, streamline visitor management, and optimize operational efficiency across the organization.

The client grappled with a set of significant challenges, each posing unique hurdles to their operations:

  • Non-Clear Shift-Based Employee Access: They sought to establish shift-based access control to ensure that only authorized personnel gained entry during their respective shifts. Unauthorized access outside of these designated time frames was a pressing concern, necessitating a robust solution.
  • Improper Employee and Visitor Differentiation: At the main gate, the company struggled to effectively distinguish between employees and visitors, which included interviewees and vendors. This lack of differentiation led to access management complexities, potentially compromising security.
  • Mismanaged Canteen Operations: Managing both subscriber and non-subscriber staff in the canteen proved to be a logistical challenge, impacting the efficiency of canteen operations. Streamlining this process was essential to enhance overall canteen functionality.
  • Irregular Employee Event Management: They encountered difficulties in seamlessly integrating their HRMS with attendance data, especially during peak shift hours when a high volume of punch-ins occurred. This resulted in the omission of crucial events from their records, affecting their ability to effectively manage and track employee attendance.

These challenges prompted the client to explore innovative solutions to improve security, visitor management, canteen operations, and HRMS integration, ultimately enhancing their overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

In response to these critical challenges faced by the client, Matrix implemented a comprehensive solution that effectively addressed their organizational concerns:

  • Channelized Access Control and Shift-Based Access Management: Matrix deployed Panel, Door controllers, Readers, and an Access Control module specifically designed for shift-based access. This solution allowed the client to establish stringent access control rules, enabling precise control over employee movement during specific shifts, and effectively curtailing unauthorized access. Furthermore, with the seamless integration of the Panel with the fire alarm system, Matrix brought greater control within the premises.
  • Dedicated Visitor Management: Matrix provided its Visitor Management solution in tandem with physical access control via turnstiles. This integration streamlined the movement of both visitors and employees, ensuring a more efficient and secure process for all parties.
  • Complete Canteen Management: Matrix revolutionized canteen management for the client by implementing its Cashless Cafeteria Management Solution. This system accommodated the needs of 3,000 employees and employed facial recognition as a credential. Additionally, printer integration facilitated seamless bill printing, enhancing the overall canteen experience.
  • End-to-End Employee Event Management: Matrix incorporated its Time Attendance Solution in conjunction with Door Controllers to alleviate the challenge of missing punches and events for the client. Even during peak punch-in times, this solution ensured that no attendance data was lost. As a result, the client could easily manage and track employee attendance, enhancing overall workforce management.

The innovative solutions provided by Matrix not only resolved the challenges the client faced but also contributed to heightened security, streamlined operations, and improved efficiency across the organization. This case study underscores how Matrix successfully tailored its offerings to meet the unique needs of the client, ultimately optimizing its business processes.

The client’s collaboration with Matrix yielded remarkable outcomes, overcoming management challenges and driving operational efficiency.

With its shift-based access control solution, Matrix substantially improved the regulation of employee movement during specific shifts, significantly reducing unauthorized access and enhancing overall security. Furthermore, by seamlessly integrating the Panel with the fire alarm system, Matrix achieved heightened control within the premises. Matrix’s Visitor Management, coupled with physical access control, streamlined visitor flow, ensuring a seamless experience while fortifying overall premises security.

Matrix transformed the client’s canteen operations with facial recognition and an integrated printer, enhancing efficiency and offering a more convenient, cashless dining experience. Matrix’s Time Attendance Solution effectively resolved the issue of missing punches and events, ensuring precise attendance tracking and improved workforce management, even during peak times.

In summary, Matrix’s solutions not only resolved their organizational concerns but also heightened security measures, streamlined operations, and enhanced overall efficiency throughout the organization. These results underscore Matrix’s significant positive impact on the client’s operational excellence.

    Access Control Hub
    Face and RFID Card based Door Controller
    Fingerprint and RFID Card based Door Controller
    Fingerprint and RFID Card based Door Controller
    Fingerprint and RFID Card based Door Controller
    Fingerprint based Reader
    Fingerprint based Reader
    User License for Access Control
    User License for Visitor Management
    User License for Cafeteria Management
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