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Industry: IT/ITES, Warehousing
Location: Bangalore, Gurgaon,  Mumbai

The company specializes in streamlining product returns for retailers, OEMs, and resellers through their Returns Automation – Platform as a Service (RA-PaaS). They manage every step of the returns process, from when a customer initiates a return to handling it in the warehouse. Utilizing automated testing and intelligent decision-making, they determine the best course of action for returned items, maximizing profitability for businesses. Having served some of the largest retailers, the company simplifies the returns experience to ensure happier customers. Additionally, they maximize revenue from returned items, leading to happier businesses.

The company has its head office in Bangalore, and warehouses in Mumbai and Gurgaon. They already had a video surveillance system installed, but it was not up to the mark. Centralized video surveillance of all the warehouses was not possible in the Bangalore headquarters. This was affecting the security of the employees in the warehouse. Also, there was a constant threat of the goods being stolen and misplaced in the warehouse. Hence, they needed a video surveillance solution that was easy to use, easy to configure, that could provide easy remote monitoring capabilities.

  • Centralized Video Surveillance: Centralizing video surveillance across three warehouse locations in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore, alongside a headquarters in Bangalore, presented a significant challenge for monitoring and management.
  • Mixed Camera Technologies: The existing system comprised a mix of Analog and IP Cameras, complicating integration into a single video surveillance system. 
  • Limited Integration: Inadequate server integration capabilities hindered seamless communication between cameras, NVRs, and VMS, resulting in accessibility issues for live feeds and playback.
  • Hardware Dependency: Multiple NVRs across the warehouses and central headquarters increased hardware dependency and management complexity, impacting system efficiency.
  • Dynamic IP Addresses: The company wanted a video surveillance solution that had a static IP address for all cameras installed. The previously installed video surveillance system had cameras with dynamic IP addresses which created a lot of problems during configuration and management.

The previously installed video surveillance solution was entirely scraped off, and a new video surveillance solution was deployed consisting of Matrix IP Cameras and Matrix Enterprise NVR. 

  • IP  Camera Deployment: Matrix Professional series IP cameras were strategically installed across all warehouse locations, focusing on key areas such as entry/exit points, loading docks, storage areas, parking lots, and perimeter to ensure comprehensive coverage and eliminate blind spots.

This ensured the safety of employees and prevented the goods from being stolen to a great extent. 

  • Centralized Monitoring: The deployment of a 64-Channel Matrix Enterprise NVR – SATATYA NVR6408XCTS at the Bangalore headquarters facilitated centralized video surveillance. Equipped with built-in Video Management Software (VMS), Matrix Enterprise NVR made centralized monitoring of all the IP Cameras spread across three warehouse locations very easy, due to its easy-to-use interface. 

The continuous recording, monitoring, and playback features in Matrix Enterprise NVR helped to keep track of the incoming/ outgoing goods, and the goods in the storage area. This footage could be used to resolve disputes.

A comprehensive video surveillance solution was made possible with Matrix IP Cameras and Matrix Enterprise NVR. IP Cameras provided robust security and surveillance across all warehouse and office locations, ensuring proactive monitoring, and reducing the chance of theft and missing items. 

Centralized Monitoring of all the warehouses in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Mumbai became very easy in the Bangalore headquarters with the help of Matrix Enterprise NVR.

Matrix ENVRs come with an in-built server and software – Matrix SATATYA SAMAS due to which no separate investments for software were required. This proved to be an easy centralized video surveillance solution.

Implementing static IP addressing of cameras made it easy to locate and access the IP Cameras. This also ensured easy port forwarding for remote access, as the IP address doesn’t change. Also,  administrators have full control over the IP address assignment, which further enhances the security of the video surveillance system.

The server-integration feature in Matrix IP Cameras made it very easy to add IP cameras to the system. Matrix Enterprise NVR automatically searches for IP Cameras, allowing them to be added with just a single click. This made remote monitoring very easy. 

The E–Map monitoring feature in Matrix ENVR made it very easy to locate a particular camera at a particular location, making centralized video surveillance from Bangalore headquarters very easy. 

Overall, a hassle-free video surveillance infrastructure was made possible as only one Enterprise NVR was enough instead of many NVRs.

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