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Intelligence of MATRIX ETERNITY T1E1PRI Card

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Intelligence of MATRIX ETERNITY T1E1PRI Card


* Telco provides PRI connection to subscribers using different media like copper wire, Optical Fiber, Radio link

* In different conditions of media sometimes it can happen that physical layer of line becomes unstable

* This duration for fluctuation may be very small [can be in milliseconds] but it can be cause to disconnect the call if PABX consider PRI line as down [Physical layer as down]

* In such cases PABX should be intelligent enough to recover physical state of PRI line to prevent call disconnection due to such fluctuations

How MATRIX ETERNITY T1E1PRI Card recover this problem?

* In any of conditions if physical layer of PRI line goes down [till 1 Second] then MATRIX ETERNITY T1E1PRI Card will not consider PRI Line as down

* Because of this intelligence MATRIX ETERNITY will not disconnect the call and finally it will reduce frequency of call disconnection even in faulty condition of PRI Line

[Note: such conditions can cause voice break or little noise during conversation on PRI line interfaced with MATRIX ETERNITY]