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SNMP [Simple Network Management Protocol]

This protocol is used to monitor different network devices [It uses UDP to transport information]

SNMP is client-server architecture

SNMP Client is known as “Manager” and SNMP Server is called “Agent”

SNMP Client means “Manager” sends some request to “Agent” and will get response with information

SNMP Client and Server communicate based on MIB [Management Information Base]

Management Information Base is one type of structure which defines that whenever Client sends any of request to the Server then server will give response with information and that information will be stored in structure defined by server [MIB files loaded in SNMP Client]

Sometimes SNMP Server also initiates direct response to SNMP client in case of reporting some faults/critical errors/alarms [Such response is called TRAP]

SNMP is having three versions and MATRIX SAPEX supports all three versions of SNMP [SNMP V3 Support Encryption and Privacy schemes for secure communication between Agent and Manager]

[Note: SAPEX is having only “Read” capabilities means it will allow SNMP Client to read information from SAPEX but won’t allow to make any changes in SAPEX ]